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Blue Bacterial Viral Filters for Spirometers

These bacterial viral filters protect both the patient and your equipment during pulmonary function testing. Static attraction technology allows even sub-micron sized microbes to be trapped.

Original price was: $75.74.Current price is: $56.10.


  • Microbes as small as sub-micron size trapped
  • Nanofibre medium creates electrostatic filtering
  • 99.99% Cross-contamination efficiency
  • Low expiratory flow impedance
  • Unique, comfortable 25mm mouthpiece
  • Tested and efficient at high flow rates
  • Protects your test subject and your equipment
  • Fully disposable for complete hygiene
  • Have a reduced effective dead-space of 65mL with 99.99% cross-contamination efficiency and low back pressure
  • The square shape allows efficient use of high-technology and expensive filter medium, resulting in less waste and therefore, a lower price
  • Available in blue
  • 50 Per box

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