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Episiotomy Scissors

There are many precautions taken to ensure that the process of childbirth is as quick and painless as possible. This is why many physicians and obstetrician gynecologists perform Episiotomies, the same as they would recommend an epidural. It is estimated that as much as 50% of women will require an Episiotomy during labor. An Episiotomy is performed prior to childbirth to aid in the expansion of the vaginal opening necessary for birth. An incision is made using Episiotomy Scissors to the perineum, the muscle between the vagina and rectum, to widen the vaginal canal for delivery. These tools not only aid in the birth of the child, but they also prevent the natural tearing and scarring that would occur if no Episiotomy is performed.


Obstetricians used to bypass Episiotomies altogether to produce quick deliveries and to prevent the vagina from tearing, particularly during a first vaginal delivery. Medical professionals believed that the forced incision of an Episiotomy would heal more easily than spontaneous tears. More than 20 years of research has contributed to this theory, and most experts now agree that although the procedure should not be done routinely, the use of Episiotomy Scissors is sometimes necessary to ensure a successful childbirth and a healthy recovery.

Common sense tells us that spontaneous tears generally recover in the same or less time but those who opt for episiotomies generally look to the procedure as a preventative measure. Instead of having one to several spontaneous “rips,” doctors can perform episiotomies using highly specialized, Episiotomy Scissors, to concentrate the expansion to one, highly controlled cut, which will aid in the healing process.


Braun Episiotomy Scissors from Medical Supplies & Equipment Company are made of the finest quality, stainless steel, and are built to last. Designed with the delicate perineum tissues in mind, these 5-3/4 inch scissors have a slanted tip with smooth blades, which allows them to perform beautiful Episiotomies each time.

It is up to the patient and her doctor to decide whether or not to perform an episiotomy. If it is decided to do so, doctors must be equipped with the correct tools to perform the procedure. In addition to a local anesthetic, the use of Episiotomy Scissors will help to make the procedure as quick and painless as possible to the mother. This is why Medical Supplies & Equipment Company only chooses the best manufacturers for our Episiotomy Scissors. All of our surgical scissors are made from the finest materials and represent the finest craftsmanship because we know your patients won’t accept anything less.


Not only are do our products represent the finest in materials and craftsmanship, but our medical supplies and equipment offer our customers the finest values that they won’t find elsewhere. Our Episiotomy Scissors, as well as our wide selection of high quality Surgical Scissors, are available to you, the customer, at significant discounts off of the retail price every day—so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for value.


Whatever your requirements, you can find what you are looking for today in our online inventory.  If you have any questions or need assistance, call us toll-free at 1-877-706-4480. Our staff is ready to assist you.

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