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Factors to Consider When Selecting Medical Tables

Medical exam tables, come in a variety of styles and types. Choosing the right medical tables for your office, hospital, or clinic starts with stopping to consider just what functions or features would be helpful in making your patients comfortable while providing you with the freedom to treat the individual. Unfortunately, many doctors and medical staff are forced to work with tables that may actually make patient examination and treatment more difficult, rather than uncomplicated.

One of the standard types of medical tables is the simple examination table. While this basic flat adjustable height table may be traditional, there are several new options to consider. To make your patient exam room more comfortable and look less institutional, try the new eco-friendly exam tables. They are treatment tables with a wood frame, perfect for any type of examination room. The hardwood frame is easy to clean and provides an open storage area or cabinets for closed storage. Both options are very durable and sturdy, adding warmth to the room. These tables come in a standard size of 72 inches in length, 31 inches in height and a width of 24 inches. There are additional widths available including 27 and 30 inches, plus there are also bariatric eco-friendly table to safely support patients over 400 pounds.

High-Lo medical tables are a good option for any type of examination or treatment room. These medical tables allow the patient to be moved to a sitting position, and then reclined as needed. Power examination tables will naturally move the upper part of the table into the chair position at the flick of a switch. These are a great option for working with elderly patients or patients that are transferring in and out of wheelchairs from the table. These tables have storage drawers built into the design of the table and they also provide standard table sizes when the back is fully reclined. The length when in the upright position is 52 inches, 72 when extended. The width is slightly wider than average at 38 inches. Upholstery for the seat and backrest comes in a variety of colors to match your office color scheme. 


Another great option in medical tables is a combination type of table. By making the headrest and footrest area of the table fold down, it is possible to combine a full examination table with a treatment table. In addition, these tables can be ideal in smaller clinics and medical facilities, since they are durable, well constructed, and designed for heavy use. Framed with hardwood and covered with a vinyl upholstery on the table surface, these combination medical tables are easy to keep clean and sterile while rated to hold patients up to 350 pounds. An important factor for most medical tables is the amount of storage area they provide. There are options for a complete cabinet and drawer combination under the examination table, perfect for storing equipment, medical supplies, or even patient samples for easy access in any examination or treatment room. Various models provide different storage options, including open storage areas, locking drawers, and locking cabinets.


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