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Flammable Storage Cabinet Safety Features

Storing any type of flammable liquid or compound is always a safety concern, plus there are very strict guidelines established on how these materials have to be contained. Both OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the NFPA, National Fire Protection Association, have specific codes that have been established. These codes regulate how liquids, which are organized as class l, ll and lll have to be stored whenever they are in any type of building. Classes are based on the type of liquid and their various chemical properties.


Storing these liquids in a flammable storage cabinet is the only option within any type of medical or health related facility. These flammable storage cabinets have to be specially designed according to and within the OSHA and NFPA guidelines in order to prevent fires and accidents with spills that can occur whenever these types of combustible materials are present.


Several safety features are standard on the approved models of flammable storage cabinets. Any flammable storage cabinet has to be specially manufactured of heavy duty material to be able to withstand and contain any possible leaks or fires that can occur. They are made of 18 gauge steel and are welded together for additional strength. They are never designed by other types of fasteners as this would provide a weak spot within the design that could prove to be hazardous.


The bottom section of the doors on a flammable storage cabinet has an additional safety feature of at least a two inch spill guard. This ensures that any material that spills inside the cabinet, provided it does not exceed the volume to fill the bottom two inches of the cabinet, cannot leak out onto the surrounding flooring. This not only helps to control the risk of fire but also unnecessary risk of exposure to the leaked material. Doors on different types of flammable storage cabinet models can be either single or double, both options provide the same spill resistant lip and extra protection around the bottom of the doors.


As can be imagined, the doors of flammable storage cabinet models are locking. This is essential in preventing someone from accidentally taking materials from the storage cabinet that may be a risk, plus it also allows the cabinet to be secured. Most of these cabinets have a 500 pound capacity on each self, more than enough to hold the types of liquids that are required to be stored in these units.


Ideally the flammable storage cabinet should be stored close to some type of venting option. Most are floor models with self-leveling feet, ensuring they can be used in almost any area. In many facilities these units can be larger, up to 65 inches in height, however smaller unites for use under windows or counters are also available in heights of 35 and 44 inches.


As with any type of flammable storage cabinet, these models are clearly marked with the words flammable and are painted a bright orange color. The high visibility as well as the safety features makes these cabinets an essential and very safe part of chemical storage.


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