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Get To Know Amazingly Cool Features of Commercial Janitorial Carts

Janitorial carts are predominantly used at commercial premises, plush offices and leading hospitals. You can look for the following specifications if you want to purchase a convenient form of cleaning trolley cart: 


  • 3-4 sturdy shelves
  • Frontal platform having a spacious cover
  • A Vinyl bag that can approximately hold 25-40 gallons of waste materials
  • A trolley that is disposable
  • Casters that are durable and sturdy, and
  •  Frames that are made from bio-degradable variety of plastic

Let us now move on to learn the top 10 features of janitorial carts

 Come with plastic pouch

Waste covers, dirt and grime, creepy glass particles and other dry variants of undesirable particles present on the carpet floor are vacuumed and put into the plastic pouch. The janitorial cart has this particular enclosure to make the house-keeping department’s job, an easier affair. 

Varieties of carts available

If you want to shop for house-keeping trolley or carts, there are two varieties of these you can possibly go in for. They include:


  • Plastic carts and
  • Metallic carts

You find that plastic carts are literally built from the scratch and are abrasion resistant as well. It is thus imperative that plastic carts are used for cleaning up environments that are soaking wet.
Metallic carts are sturdy ones that are more appropriately used as general utility carts as well.

Trolley has wheels underneath

Commercial cleaning carts come to you with trolleys that have wheels underneath them. Once you place all your cleaning supplies, you can push the cart from one room to another. A portable vacuum cleaner can also be placed in the same trolley.
You can choose buying commercial cleaning carts for your office or restaurant depending on the budget you have in mind.

Has a separate enclosure for keeping your cleaning brushes or scrubs in

The cleaning trolley cart has a wide enclosure at the middle of the equipment. You can keep cleaning brushes, foamy cloths, scrubs, liquids and other stuff in. A carpet would require a dry cleaning liquid and a lighter brush for you to stuff the dust out of the window. While computers need feature-touch brushes to get the dust cleaned up; heavy furniture require foamy cloth, harder brushes or scrubs to clean them up. Rest rooms’ toilets demand a different set of cleaning liquids and brushes to have them cleaned up. The wide-end pouch has enough space to keep all your cleaning supplies.

Matter of convenience

The house-keeping department’s job is made way easier with the all-new maintenance cart. As the moving trolley has enough space to keep all varieties of cleaning supplies in, the personnel need not run to the inventory back and forth to procure stuff. Once the toilet is cleaned up by one person, he/she can hand over the cleaning maintenance cart to the other person. The next personnel takes charge of cleaning furniture or computers. This way, one cart is a multi-purpose one and can conveniently be handled by one and all.

Made from super-durable variety of plastic

The janitorial or the custodial carts are made from bio-degradable varieties of plastic. The huge plastic enclosures found on the cart do not fade out or get scratched easily. These are easier to clean and maintain as well. The custodial carts are made from friendly variants of plastic and the luster can remain on the cart for a longer duration of time.

Includes separate enclosures for keeping tool clips

What do you do when the screw of the furniture comes out while you try cleaning up the same? You can keep screw drivers, tool clips and other essentials for getting the furniture repaired. The wires of the computer or mouse again require careful handling.

The trolley cart includes a vinyl based trash bag

You can push the cart and put used water bottles, Pepsi or Fanta cans, waste papers and other forms of trash inside the vinyl based trash bag. The janitorial cart has the trash bag for you to put these kind of stuff in. The work-space of employees working in the organization can therefore be tidied up in a jiffy.

The bucket-holder has wheel wells to prevent spills

The convenient cleaning cart comes to you with bucket holders. The bucket holders are designed with wheel wells and wider enclosures. This unique feature prevents unnecessary spillage of cleaning liquids or foamy soap water. You can easily dip the brush or the cloth into the bucket, else scrub the brush in.  The wheel walls present on the bucket holder prevent water or cleaning liquid from spilling out.

Affordable pricing

Apart from the fact that no form of cleaning equipment ever protrudes from the base of the janitorial cart, the price of the cleaning trolley is pretty much affordable. You shell out $700 to procure your all-new maintenance trolley.
Having discussed the top 10 features of cleaning trolleys, we can now move on to discussing the core advantages of maintaining a clean office.


  • Employees prefer working in a neat and cozy environment as they can be rest assured that chronic diseases like dengue fever, cough and cold, malaria and other water borne diseases are kept at bay. If the working parent catches a flu or an infection, there is every likelihood that the off-spring or the kid(s) of the parent can also get the same infection.
  • A clean ambience can elevate the moods of employees leading to a better level of productivity.
  • A nice and a cozy office or commercial premises can invite more clients. These clients provide business to the company. You can try placing aromatic candles and nice potted plants to add to a cleaner and greener work-culture.
  • A clean work ambience can add to the motivation levels of employees. They are inspired to keep their homes tidy as well.
  • Hospitals have to be kept neat and tidy so that patients waiting at the surgical suites or pre-operative theaters do not catch another additional infection. They are already suffering the pain for which they are admitted in the hospital.


The top 10 features of cleaning carts along with advantages of maintaining neat and tidy premises form a part of this particular segment.


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