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Helping Patients Through The Use Of A Kidney Model

One of the most difficult components to a physician's daily work is trying to communicate extremely difficult and technical information to patients, who do not have any formal medical training. However careful the doctor may be, there is always the risk that medical terms may be used that the patient doesn't understand. Unfortunately many patienst will not stop the physician to ask for a definition or clarification. This can lead to misunderstanding and confusion arising later in the treatment plan.

For doctors who work in family practices or as specialists, having models of the various organs of the body is a real help in these patient conversations. Having a kidney model, brain model, liver or lung model can really help with understanding. In particular a kidney model will be a real asset since most patients are relatively unfamiliar with the internal structure and functioning of this vital organ.

There are different kidney model types available to help with the conversation. One very popular option is the longitudinal section of the kidney that provides a clear view into the internal features of the organ along with the adrenal gland. Since the kidney is a relatively small organ the model itself is two times normal size to allow detail and clarity in the representation. This model also shows the major blood vessels to and from the kidney as well as the ureter which leads to the bladder. The model comes with a simple white card that forms a background to the model and also identifies the major features of the organ.

When discussing kidney functioning with a patient this type of model is ideal. It is simple yet very realistic without a lot of distracting information. The physician can use the anatomy model to discuss any and all conditions or to explain just how the kidney works in conjunction with the rest of the body. The next option and one that compliments the healthy kidney model is a diseased kidney representation.

The diseased model is the same two times life size structure with a lot more specific detail. It is a longitudinal cut-away type of model with two sides, one representing the healthy kidney and one showing a variety of different disease conditions. The disease conditions represented on the model can include the effects of hypertension, infection, scarring, urinary stones, polycystic disease and tumors as well as atrophy. As with the healthy kidney model the card shows the features of the kidney and the medical terminology.

This type of diseased kidney model makes it easy for the physician to show exactly what the causes of the symptoms are for each individual patient. By contrasting both sides of the model or using two different models the patient quickly gains understanding on the health issues they are facing. The kidney model can also help patients to formulate questions and ask for clarification from the doctor without having to worry about specific medical terminology. Patients can also review the anatomical model on their own or while waiting for the doctor.      

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