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Hemostatic Forceps

Hemostatic forceps provide an essential, life-preserving service to any surgical procedure, major or minor.  Due to the complexity of the human circulatory system, we at MSEC continually add to our product line newer, increasingly specialized hemostatic forceps , to anticipate every need and growing medical demand.  We carry everything from the smallest Dieffenbach Serrefines and Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps to large, sturdy forceps over 10” in length ideally suited to major surgery.  Our inventory grows daily, so after looking through all of our hemostatic forceps, consider calling us for the latest pending additions to ensure you have the very best fit for your next surgical procedure.


When working with smaller blood vessels, you may need hemostatic forceps, that combine compact size with delicate precision.  MSEC has exactly what you need.  We continually add new lines to our growing selection of smaller hemostatic forceps, due to their overwhelming popularity with so many of our clients.  We want no medical professional to walk away from our selection empty handed.  Choose from either straight or curved beaks in standard, delicate, and extra delicate models.  We have Serrefines as small as 1 ½” and slightly larger Mosquito forceps ranging from 3 ½” to 5”.   We furnish additional lines of extremely delicate Micro Mosquito Forceps, and we supply pediatricians with hemostatic forceps that are designed specifically for children.  If you need extra grip we have models as well with straight, curved, and angled designs and 1 x 2 Teeth.


Should you require mid-sized or even large hemostatic forceps, you will find an enormous variety in our online inventory.  If you are performing surgery that requires straight, extremely delicate forceps MSEC can provide you with 7” designs manufactured from the finest stainless steel.  If you need hemostatic forceps in slightly larger measurements, take a look at our models ranging from 5 ½ – 7 ½” in length.  These mid-sized models, available with straight and curved beaks, prove ideal for working with larger blood vessels.  However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these two options only.  We also offer surgeons these exact same forceps designed with 1 X 2 teeth to provide a firm, non-traumatic grip on certain blood vessels.  Regardless of whether you are seeking Rankin Kelly, Providence Hospital, Crile, Jacobson, or Rochester-Pean models, we have all of these and many, many more available here at MSEC.  We even carry T-Shaped hemostatic forceps such as the popular Pratt-Smith.  Finally, for surgical procedures involving the largest of blood vessels, we provide hemostatic forceps measuring up to 10 ½” in length and available to you in both standard beaks and beaks with 1 X 2 teeth. 


Many of our competitors offer only standard sizes and designs because they cater only to what they perceive to be the average client. We at MSEC have a much different philosophy.  We know that every patient is exceptional and therefore every caregiver, regardless of station, is equally exceptional.  Meet all of your exceptional requirements with us today by visiting our online store or calling 1.877.706.4480.

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