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Home Humidifiers

Regardless of whether you are a physician recommending home humidifiers to your patients, or an individual looking to purchase a competitively-priced, top-of-the-line piece of equipment, MSEC has everything you need to help you make the very best investment toward improving the quality of the air you breathe.  Find throughout our inventory various types of home humidifiers ranging from impeller, evaporative, and steam vaporizer designs.  We are confident you will find exactly what you need.  Consider especially some of the following models today while you search our site for the right humidifier for your home.


If you came here today with health-consciousness foremost in mind, we have exactly what you need in our Healthy Humidifier Plus– ideal for any home. This two-speed unit delivers output for up to 1,350 square feet and features a patented triple antibacterial SafeSystem ™ to give you 100% protection from mold spores, dust mites, and disease-causing bacteria.  Set the desired humidity level with an adjustable humidistat, and relax in noise-free comfort as this home humidifier’s whisper-quiet Hunter fan does its work without distraction.  Enjoy the added benefit of portability with the Airtight Tote Away tank designed with easy transport in mind.  The very best thing you will instantly appreciate about this fantastic home humidifier is that it requires no regular maintenance.   Just clean the PermaWick filter once a year.  It’s that simple!


For the latest and best in heated home humidifiers, you simply cannot find a better design anywhere than our ambient tracking model.  Doctors especially appreciate the increased comfort and patient compliance generated by its sophisticated, adjustable temperature control.  From a cool passover to increased, heated moisture content, this home humidifier does it all.  Ideal for CPAP therapy, it features ambient tracking, DC-AC use capacity, and aesthetically pleasing design.  Because of Ambient Tracking’s unique ability to alter heater plate temperature according to room temperature fluctuations, this versatile humidifier for home and abroad minimizes condensation while maximizing heat, thus giving patients additional breathing assistance without the complications of moisture accumulation in CPAP tubes.  Finally, the versatile design and engineering makes this unit highly portable for long-distance road trips or even for campouts!


If you are recovering from surgery, or if you are buying a home humidifier for an elderly loved one who has difficulty getting around, then look no further than the Healthmist 4100. This impeller-designed home humidifier runs super quiet and will consistently function up to 20 hours without you having to get up to refill the unit.  The extremely fine mist produced by the 4100 provides just the right amount of moisture to help the lungs and respiratory tract function.  People with respiratory infections, colds, and allergies especially love this unit.


We continually add only the best, most carefully selected technology to our site, priced competively like nowhere else online.  Furthermore, our staff stands ready at 1-877-706-4480 to help should you ever need to special order a home humidifier that your doctor specifically instructed you to purchase, or a new model on the market we are in the process of adding to our site.  Just give us a call.


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