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Cabinet Style Laminate Treatment Table Find-4

Entertain young patients with a “Find-4” treatment table while he or she waits. It’s designed to be easy for staff, yet engaging for children. Ask the child to find one of the fun objects or animals hidden in the picture. There are: 4 BROWN EGGS, 4 CATS, 4 BIRDS and 4 MICE in each scene. Keep the number of the objects a secret. Just ask the child how many he or she found. Whether it is all or a few, every child’s count is correct to you. Next visit ask them to find one of the other 3 remaining objects. Keep young patients amused for many visits to come with “Find-4” original table scenes.

Original price was: $2,160.00.Current price is: $1,600.00.

  • Total


  • Designed to be easy for staff, yet engaging for children
  • Features four doors
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Two storage compartments each with an adjustable shelf
  • Table is available with your choice of any of the 4 scenes


  • 72in L x 31in H x 27in W

Manufacturer warranty: 5 years


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