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Ceiling Mount Single Surgery Light

This is a high-performance minor surgery light that provides superior quality, following UL regulatory compliance.

Original price was: $3,514.05.Current price is: $2,603.00.


  • 6in White light beam produced by custom filters
  • Natural air circulation design assures cooler housing and light beam without fans and unsafe openings
  • 120V Is standard
  • Drift-Free arm system offers exceptional reach
  • Built-In on/off controls maximize operational convenience preventing the need for wall panels or hard to reach switches
  • An advanced ergonomic design allows the lightweight ISIS to be maneuvered exactly as needed
  • The drift-free arm system offers exceptional reach and easy positioning as well as range of movement, making it ideal for smaller environments
  • 45,000 lux (4200 fc) at 1 meter and approximately 80,000 lux (7400 fc) at 24in
    50W IRC (infrared-coated) halogen-xenon bulb provides more intensity and 3000 hours of bulb life


  • 4300K Color temperature
  • Fitted with 1x halogen lamp
  • Luminous power 54 000 Lux / 0,8 & 42 000 Lux / 1,0
  • Illuminance filed: 15cm
  • Color temperature: approximately 4300 K
  • Work equipment: electronic transformer
  • Mains lead: direct power supply
  • Luminaire body: polyamide & polycarbonate (PA & PC)
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Power consumption: 65W
  • Usage: 2-stages rocker switch A(60/100%), rocker switch (i/)
  • Technology: 2-pole primary
  • Class of protection: II

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years


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