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Electronic Operating Table

This high quality Electro hydraulic operating table that satisfies the most demanding world-wide clinical safety requirements and national standards.



  • This table features a wide adjustment range for all position settings in order to satisfy the demands of many different types of surgeries
  • Offers multiple patient positioning options which result in greater comfort, productivity and safety for the surgical team
  • A new type of memory foam is used to fill the mattress
  • This greatly enhances the adaptive capacity of the mattress, optimizes the contact area between the patient and the mattress to reduce the body pressure points and minimizes the formation of pressure ulcers
  • Corded hand control and override control panel on the support column
  • Redundant surgical position control system provides a back-up adjustment method to the user and guarantees safety
  • One-key Reset makes post-surgery table positioning easier and more convenient
  • On a fully-charged battery, maximum working time of the table is 15 days
  • Operating on battery power enhances the safety of surgeries since there is no connection to an AC power supply
  • Three-level square support column is constructed of high quality stainless steel, which is easy to clean
  • The patented hydraulic cylinder ensures consistent operation of the table
  • Once the table’s position is adjusted by the controller, the table base will lock automatically
  • This function prevents possible surgical accidents which could occur by forgetting to lock the table base
  • If table is not utilized within the first minute, the controller will automatically turn off to prevent malfunction
  • Leg and head plates use common ports
  • Positions of leg and head plates can be exchanged quickly
  • X-ray radiolucent area is expanded
  • Built-in elevator kidney-bridge, which has no negative effect on X-ray radiolucency , supports kidney and gallbladder surgery efficiently
  • The table plate is made of environment-friendly material which has outstanding x-ray radiolucency

Standard Accessories:(included):

  • Table Asm- top level
  • Arm Rest (1pair)
  • Anesthesia Screen Asm
  • Body Strap
  • Knee Crutch Asm
  • Lateral Support Asm
  • Cushion Set Asm
  • User Manual


  • Table Length: 2020mm
  • Table Width(without side rails): 520mm
  • Table Height(without  pads): 680mm-1080mm
  • Trendelenburg / Reverse: 30°/30°
  • Lateral Tilt (left/right): 20°/20°
  • Back Plate Up/Down: 80°/45°
  • Head Plate Up/Down: 30°/45°
  • Leg Plates Up/Down:20°/90°
  • Leg Plates Split: 180º
  • Flex: 15°/30°
  • Reflex angles: 50°/30°
  • Kidney-bridge Elevator Up: 128mm
  • Power Input: AC 90V-264V 50/60Hz
  • Battery Power: DC 24V 12AH
  • Weight Capacity: 297kg

Manufacturer warranty: 1 year


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