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Manual Wheelchairs

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A patient’s size, mobility, and lifestyle should be considered when deciding which wheelchair best suits your needs. Standard wheelchairs work very well for both in-home and hospital use. These chairs allow for the patient to operate the chair alone or with assistance.
Lightweight or sports wheelchairs offer a more portable and slim design. These manual wheelchairs are designed for users with good upper body strength and usually do not include armrests, as they may get in the way of an active user.
Manual wheelchairs come in various sizes. If you need a wide, heavy-duty wheelchair for a comfortable fit, bariatric wheelchairs offer increased seat width and frame strength to offer increased support. Pediatric wheelchairs are designed with youth and smaller body types in mind, as they are considerably smaller and lighter than standard wheelchairs.
Wheelchairs are available with customizable features. Removable armrests, footrests, seat cushions, reclining backs, and seat belts are options that may be added to a wheelchair to improve patient comfort and security.

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