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Iris Minor Surgery LED Light w/ Floorstand

IRIS LED provides universal lighting for every treatment area. Its two-step
dimmable capabilities provide you with an optimal view of patient tissues. LED technology provides exact color reproduction, maximum light and long LED life.


IRIS LED’s design provides simple handling and easy maintenance.
The handle supports ergonomic operation. Its LED technology and energy-efficient 16 W power, ensures surprisingly low energy consumption and long life.


The LED light head offers good light guidance due to its easy to use design. Its open ring shape ensures that heat is not collected in the head area.  The physician can detect the finest color nuances in tissue with high color reproduction rates of Ra > 95. In addition, the 4300 K color temperature is easy on the eyes. It can reach a total light power of up to 50,000 lux.



  • High color rendering of >95
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Drift-free arm system for easy positioning as well as range of movement
  • Two light levels – 100% and 60%
  • 4300K color temperature
  • Illuminated field of 6.7 inches
  • No heat directed at patient or practitioner
  • 50,000 lux /1 meter
  • ETL/cETL approved


  • 1 x LED module
  • Luminous Power: 50,000 Lux / 1.0 m
  • Illumination Field: 1.0 m 6.7in dia
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): > 95
  • Color Temperature: 4300 K
  • Depth of illumination: 1.47 m (4.8 ft)

Additional Mounting Options for Isis Minor Surgery Light:




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