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Medical Device and Tube Drying Cabinet

This warming/drying cabinet dries a wide variety of items which cannot or should not be dried using conventional drying methods. It is great for drying surgical trays, containers, various tubing sizes, anesthesia bags, aerosol generators, endoscopes, and laryngoscopes



  • The drying cabinet contains 5 preset options including air only.
  • It features a heating element (located at the top) and dual blower motors which are located at the top and bottom of the cabinet for an even distribution of air flow.
  • One of the many benefits of the drying cabinet is that it has the option of drying tubes, Cpap mask, medical instruments and many other such items displaying the cabinets versatility.
  • The shelves are removable to allow tubes for hanging and drying.
  • The drying cabinet holds up to five removable shelves including the tube holding shelf that holds up to 36 tubes!


  • Capacity: holds up to 36 tubes.
  • 17.5 cubic feet of interior space.
  • Total Shelf Area: 4 shelves x 2.5 Sq. Ft. Each = 10.0 Sq. Ft. Total
  • Electric Connection: 120V 15-amp breaker.
  • The cord is centered on back panel and is 12’ long
  • Width: 23 ½ in
  • Depth: 24 ½ in
  • 46 ½ in with door open
  • Height: 67 ½ in
  • Net Weight: 170 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 240 lbs
  • Blower Motor: 130 CFM
Electronic Touch Control Panel:
  • Unit features a simple to use touch-sensitive electronic control panel, which is located above the door
  • The control panel displays and controls temperature and run times
  • There are a total of five factory preset temperatures which can be selected
  • The control panel also displays the run time remaining when the unit is in operation

Temperature Settings:

  • A simple touch of the temperature pad on the control panel allows a total five preset drying temperature settings, with associated LED light indicators
  • The five different drying settings are:   Fan, 105F, 120F, 130F & 150F

Time Settings:

  • A simple touch of the hour and minute time setting pads on the control panel allows users to select the run time in 15 minute increments
  • Maximum run time setting is 10 hours

Electrical Configuration:

  • Unit requires a 120V power source
  • Single phase 30 Amp breaker

Heating Element:

  • Two 3000 watt 208V-240V heating elements evenly deliver heat to the cabinet’s interior
  • The heating unit’s access & design allows for very easy removal and replacement if required
  • Units is capable of heating to a maximum temperature of 150F, with a 70F ambient room air temperature
  • The heating element is mounted using 20-gauge cold rolled steel mounting brackets
  • The heater’s air outlet evenly distributes heated air throughout the interior of the cabinet

Blower Motor:

  • The blower motor is bolted to the top frame under the unit’s top cover
  • An axial fan is utilized to blow an approximate mixture of 50% fresh & 50% re-circulated air across the heating element


  • Ventilation is at the users’ discretion
  • Units has a 4in diameter opening on the top of the cabinet, if ducted ventilation is desired by the user
  • For both adequate incoming air & ventilation, it is recommended to have a minimum of 4in of clearance above the top of the cabinet to any ceiling, and at least 2in of clearance from any walls from the back & sides of the cabinet

Inducted Air:

  • Fresh air is allowed to flow in to the unit through an opening located on the top of the cabinet

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