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Hospital Stretchers: The Core of Efficient Patient Transportation

No modern medical facility could operate with any modicum of efficiency without a ready supply of hospital stretchers.  Hospital stretchers have been standard items of patient transport equipment for centuries.  Hospital stretchers ensure the safe transportation of patients to and from the many different areas that each campus has, may it be from the emergency room to inpatient surgery to the post-op recovery area, or whatever the individual case calls for. Todays market gives you ample options and a wide variety of hospital stretchers that will suit your facility’s many needs. Stretchers are designed to suit the demands of different patients:



The core value of the modern hospital stretcher hasn’t changed since those ancient times, though they have changed in design, construction, and materials.  The modern hospital stretcher is designed to prevent further injury and facilitate safe movement of the patient onto a fixed hospital bed or examination table.  This is accomplished by the specific engineering that modern stretchers incorporate.  Stretchers are built to the strictest standards in the industry, incorporating steel construction, superior welding, and designs that combine sturdiness, ease of motion, and comfort for the patient.  Every stretcher will provide quick and smooth maneuverability negotiating through narrow and busy hallways and will present no difficulty when fitting into elevators in order to travel to different floors in the hospital.  Stretchers also include locking castors that will ensure safe transfer of the patient by preventing the stretcher from moving or sliding during the process.  When evaluating the different stretchers, keep in mind that there are different options to consider.  These options may include:



There is a wide range of Mobility Products to support your patient transpotation needs.  It is important to have a variety of these transport pieces to be sure to have the equipment necessary for each situation. Other options include:

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