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How Can Medical Apparel Fight Germs?

How Can Medical Apparel Fight Germs?

When it comes to purchasing medical apparel, it is tempting to purchase what you already buy – the same product you’ve always used. However, today’s market offers a wider selection of products including medical apparel, gowns, gloves, and more that can help your location fight off germs. That’s of growing importance today with a resurgence of super viruses and bacteria lurking in many medical facilities.

How Have Medical Apparel and Gowns Modernized?

Today, it’s possible to purchase scrubs, lab coats, and other types of medical apparel that uses advanced technology to create a barrier between the patient and the caregiver. This helps to provide a layer of protection or a bubble that keeps dangerous microorganisms at bay. Key features of these types of innovative products are:

•    Designs that repel fluids
•    Types of materials that reduce microbe retention within the garment 
•    Products that minimize absorption of fluids and microbes 

Having this type of active barrier simply makes sense for most organizations. It keeps caregivers healthy and on the job. It minimizes the risks that an individual will become ill. It also helps to strengthen patient safety within the location. 

A Quality Product Does Matter

Quality medical apparel can do all of this and still be within the organization’s budget. Here are a few of the most common complaints about other products on the market:

•    They wear out quickly. They wear thin or they simply rip. 
•    The scrubs and other apparel become full of lint. 
•    They fade and are hard to keep clean.
•    They don’t look professional. 
•    They lack any sort of barrier to protect the user. 

What are your options then? Instead of making your first decision about the price of the medical apparel you plan to buy, focus on the quality of the material and the workmanship of the seams. It this product going to fade or easily stain? Will it rip easily in the workplace? And, will it continue to meet your needs for months to come? When you buy high-quality medical apparel, you get a product that lasts for a long time and keeps looking its best. And, you are comfortable in it every day. This can make all the difference for most of today’s nurses and other medical professionals.


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