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Human Torso Anatomy Models Make Learning Simple

There is nothing like a model or replica of a complex system to provide learners with a new way to study, think and learn. Of course there are other excellent uses for human torso anatomy models in doctor's offices, clinics and hospital and health care facilities. Having these life-like and very detailed types of models available to medical professionals can make their explanations to patients and family members easier and more specific than trying to point at a chart or show pictures from the internet or a book.


Human torso anatomy model options vary in a large number of ways. There is always the option to have a separate male and female torso which will clearly demonstrate the differences in the male and female anatomy, including the reproductive systems. Unisex models will not include the reproductive systems but will include the digestive system, kidneys, intestinal tract, lungs and heart. The head may or may not be included in the model depending on the specific design.


Dual sex options include both the male and female reproductive systems that can be exchanged within the human torso anatomy model as needed. Some dual sex models may have both male and female reproductive organs contained in half of the model. This allows easy comparison and discussion with both patients in a medical setting and with students in a learning environment.


These torso models may also specifically address certain systems within the body. Most of the life size human torso anatomy models will include the major blood vessels as well as the head and upper section of the legs, however others may include additional features such as a superficial and deep muscles, muscles of the arms and even muscles of the neck and head. These specialized models may have open backs for easy viewing into the model without removing the organs and systems from the front of the model. Limbs on these models as well as the head and organs can often be easily removed to allow individual attention to detail.


For all types of training and educational purposes models come in a variety of skin tone colors as well as sizes. Mini human torso anatomy model options are great for sitting on a desk or use in a hospital or health care facility for discussions with patients. The life sized models, most which are mounted on stands on flat bases, are a great addition to a classroom, lecture hall or laboratory setting. The smaller options may also be a great idea for student workstations and study areas, encouraging students to be able to manipulate and work with the models to increase understanding and enhance learning about the various systems within the human body.


Since these human torso anatomy models will get a lot of use look for models that are high quality and well crafted. The models should have a warranty, typically one year, which covers the paint, construction and individual parts of the model. Keep in mind that these models should also be practical to store when not in use so a model mounted on a flat base is always a good choice.

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