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Isolation Gowns Achieve Infection Control Better Than Other Products

Isolation Gowns Achieve Infection Control Better Than Other Products

A growing concern within any community is the need for enhanced isolation control. Isolation gowns can be a big part of this step in controlling the amount and type of isolation services you can offer within your location. 
A comprehensive database of information and protocols are in place in any hospital or medical center for isolation concerns. These are intense and meant to be put into place immediately. Yet, at the heart of this type of protection is the need for disposable, easy to use isolation gowns that provide only the amount of access necessary while providing caregivers with ample protection in this hostile environment.

This is not the place to compromise when it comes to choosing medical apparel for the team or medical gowns for your patients. Yet, if you take a look at the market in isolation gowns, you will find a wide range of options to select from and not all of these products are created equal. As you consider all of the products on the market, there are a few key things to keep in mind before you buy.

Isolation Gowns: The Features Needed

Isolation gowns must perform as required. This means they must provide for the highest level of protection from transfer of fluids and materials from one person to the next. Yet, this high-level of functionality does not mean that the gown should be any less comfortable or versatile. It can be. When buying these medical gowns, there are a few things to look for that can make all of the difference.


  • Polypropylene is often the most recommended type of material available today. When buying this type of gown, specifically seek out a lightweight product. 
  • Protection at the wrists needs to be considered. Today, some of the best products are elastic, but they are not tight. They tend to be more flexible and comfortable to wear. Look for those isolation gowns with wrist protection that’s still flexible and allows for ample movement.
  • Length matters. Most of the time, these gowns are full length. Determine what is right for your team, though. Not all lengths are equal. Look at the measurements provided by the manufacturer to determine the proper length for the specifics of your medical facility or hospital.

Aside from these factors, other options are available. You may wish to purchase open back products for easy on and easy off use. You can choose to purchase specific colors for specific areas or tasks. You may need a product that’s very comfortable if the work conditions often mean hours of use.

Not all isolation gowns have to be so limiting that they are hard to use. Today’s products give you the features you need including storage pockets and good air circulation. Invest the time in finding the product that offers the right level of function for your needs.


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