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CO2 Biomedical Incubator 3 cu.

This large capacity incubator has the capacity and flexibility to grow with your culturing needs while providing a precise and repeatable temperature, humidity and CO2 environment.


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  • Dual Infrared (IR2) Sensors for Optimal CO2 Control
  • Copper Stainless Steel Alloy
  • SafeCell UV Protection
  • Direct Heat and Air Jacket System
  • Integrated Microprocessor Control


  • EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 38.8in x 33.6in x 80.3in 
  • INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 31.7in x 27.3in x 60.0in 
  • INTERIOR VOLUME: 851 L (3 cu.ft.)
  • OUTER DOOR: Double paned glass door with heater and outer door latch
  • SHELVES: 30.6in x 25.9in 
  • ACCESS PORT: Inner Diameter: 1.57 inch, 2 locations on right and left sides
  • INSULATION: Rigid-polyurethane foamed-in place
  • UV LAMP: Optional
  • NET WEIGHT: 275 kg (606 lbs)
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE: Ambient temperature +5C to 50C (ambient temperature: 20C to 35C)
  • TEMPERATURE UNIFORMITY: ±0.50C (ambient temperature: 25C, setting: 37C, CO2: 5 %, no load)
  • CO2 CONTROL RANGE: 0% to 20%
  • CO2 CONTROLLER: PID Control System
  • CO2 GAS PRESSURE: 0.1 MPaG (inject):, 15 psiG)
  • CO2 VARIATION: ±0.15% (ambient temperature: 25C, setting: 37C, CO2: 5%; no load)
  • CO2 SENSOR TYPE: Dual Infrared Sensor
  • DECONTAMINATION METHODS: 24 hr full chamber UV decontamination 
  • DISPLAY: Digital Touchpad
  • HUMIDIFYING SYSTEM: Sharing with interior (SUS304)
  • INTERIOR SURFACES: Stainless steel containing copper

Additional Features Available: Call For Pricing

  • DATA ACQUISITION: Data acquisition system (MTR-5000)
  • H2O2: MCO-170HB/MCO170EL(installation required)

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