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Dual Binocular Teaching Scope

This microscope is a best-seller into physician and veterinarian clinics, as well as universities and medical schools. Equipped for performance, its features include titanium-finished DIN achromatic or DIN Plan optics and a 30-year anti-fungal coating. Included accessories: three 0.5 amp fuses, mirror attachment (for field use), blue and green filters, dust cover, immersion oil, spare bulb, manual and warranty card.

Original price was: $2,585.14.Current price is: $1,914.92.

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  • Dual binocular head inclines 45°, rotates 360°
  • Dual diopter adjustment
  • 10X wide field eyepieces
  • Quadruple forward-facing nosepiece
  • Multiple ball bearing mounted
  • Mechanical stage (140mm x 140mm)
  • Coaxial drive controls
  • Range of traverse is 73mm x 43mm
  • Stage locking lever
  • Slow-close hydraulic slide finger
  • Coarse adjustment: range of 30mm
  • Fine adjustment: graduation of 2im
  • Tension control knob
  • Moveable abbe condenser, NA 1.25, rack & pinion
  • Iris diaphragm
  • Variable halogen light source (12V/20W bulb)


  • Dimension: 15in H x 9in L x 7in W
  • Weight: 14lbs
  • 110V/220V switchable electronics


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