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Lightweight Wheelchairs

We carry an extensive line of the finest lightweight wheelchairs unmatched in the market for quality, construction, design, mobility, versatility, and comfort.  Our on line inventory of lightweight wheelchairs is designed for consumers to evaluate all the necessary options they might need.  Any model of our lightweight wheelchairs can be ordered with different seat heights, seat widths, seat depths, leg pads, as well as other features and lightweight wheelchair accessories.  The lightweight wheelchairs in our catalog are designed for the patient undergoing both short term and long term recovery and rehabilitation.  All lightweight wheelchairs are engineered for easy and smooth manual operation by the patient.  In the event the patient has limited use of his or her arms or hands, an assistant will find that our lightweight wheelchairs are convenient and easy to maneuver.


 The patented Galaxy Transformer is the most revolutionary lightweight wheelchair on the market.  This dual-function wheelchair has a wide range of features the patient will benefit from.  The Galaxy Transformer has easy to use, quick release rear axles that allow it to quickly transform to a 19 pound ultra light companion chair.  The exclusive Quantum Braking System locks both rear wheels and rear casters in a seating position.  This wheelchair can be configured into multiple numbers of seat heights, widths, and depths.  Feather release swing back arms, dual rear axle positions, quadruple front caster positions, and adjustable angle fork housing are all standard features.


The Galaxy Lightweight wheelchair is a high endurance, extra strength wheelchair offering the sturdiness and adjustability necessary for long term rehabilitation with minimal maintenance.  The frame is constructed of heavy duty tubing and industrial strength welding.  This model can also be configured into numerous seat depths, widths, and height positions.  This wheelchair includes adjustable angle fork housings, easy to adjust back height knobs, quadruple front caster positions, heel loops, triple rear axle positions, high performance precision bearings, feather release swing back arms, and durable flame-retardant padded upholstery as standard features.


For the patient requiring a sturdy lightweight wheelchair constructed for long term use and designed with extra features, the Galaxy Premium is the optimal choice.  Adjustable height arms, wheel lock extensions, anti-tippers, triple rear axle positions, and adjustable angle fork housings are all standard features with this model.


The Galaxy Rehab is specially designed for rehabilitation patients requiring an 18” long seat depth for special needs.  Standard features on this model are triple rear axle positions, wheel lock extensions, anti-tippers, adjustable angle fork housings, and adjustable height arms.


Designed for the patient going through rehabilitation treatment, the Galaxy Super Hemi is an enduring lightweight wheelchair with minimal seat height.  The triple axle positions, 20” wheels and 5” casters make the seat height only 15 ½” from the floor.  This model includes anti-tippers, wheel lock extensions, and adjustable height arms as standard features.


The Galaxy Pediatric is a one-of-a-kind model specially designed for active children.  Standard features on this wheelchair are anti-tippers, adjustable height swing back arms, seat belt, wheel lock extensions, dual rear axle positions, and adjustable angle fork housings.


The Galaxy Saturn is the superior choice for a K0003 coded wheelchair.  This low maintenance model comes equipped with breathable lightweight upholstery, swing back arms, dual rear axle positions, and quadruple front caster positions.


The Advantage Lightweight is a high quality K0003 coded wheelchair offering dependability and comfort at a competitive price.  This model features dual rear axle positions, triple front caster positions, and hemi swing-a-way front riggings.


After browsing our on line inventory of lightweight wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories, please don’t hesitate to call our customer service department toll free at 1-877-706-4480 for any questions or assistance.

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