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Linen Trolleys For Bulk Transport

Being able to effectively and efficiently move large amounts of soiled or clean linen around in a hospital, residential living space or in any other type of area is important. It doesn't make sense to have staff spending time walking back and forth from the rooms to the laundry plus it also ties up elevators and hallways when multiple people with small linen carts are constantly moving about. Instead large capacity, efficiently designed linen trolleys will provide the option to easily transport large amounts of materials with just one trip.


Surprisingly large capacity doesn't mean large physical dimensions to these linen trolleys. Many carts have significant cubic foot capacity and are still easy to move for all staff members. A cut down on the side of the cart provides easy access right to the bottom of the tub while also eliminating the need for additional bending. Made with very strong and durable poly sides and bottom this cart is designed for the most hectic environment and will stand up to any transport task. The weight of this option is balanced and the design prevents tipping or concerns with even the tightest corners.  This style of linen trolley has two fixed and two swivel casters that make pushing and turning the cart simple and easy even when full. Large six inch casters make moving the bin easy over any type of surface area including carpeting or smooth flooring. Handles or grips on the ends of the bin means that it can be pushed either direction without the need for additional time in turning it to a specific position.


To increase the options for use of the bin it is possible to choose style that has three solid sides and one open or closed side. Known as a turnabout cart this trolley is very practical since it can be used for bulk transport of soiled linens and then converted into a cart with shelves to move clean linens. The wire fourth wall is formed by two or more shelving units that rotate around support pole running the length of the linen trolleys. When the shelving units are flipped to the side they form the side, leaving the entire interior as one bulk storage area. Flipping the shelving units down provides an easy option to sort folded laundry for easy distribution. The shelving units can be easily cleaned between use with a spray disinfectant or a sterile wipe, eliminating any concerns of contamination.


These types of linen trolleys are available with optional vinyl covers. This is perfect when the trolley is full of clean linens and will be used as a storage area. The cover will prevent dust, debris or any type of liquid or solid contaminants from getting on the clean linens stored in the cart. It often rolls or stretches over the top of the basket and is held in place with snaps or a drawstring. The cover can be stored flat or folded in a supply cupboard when not in use. The covers, like the bins themselves, can be disinfected with standard spays or washes.


When working in very specific conditions where standard types of linen carts are not practical or appropriate, fiberglass baskets may be the answer you are looking for. These are large bulk transport carts that can be used in hospital settings, laboratories or anywhere else that fire retardant materials are required. This solid basket designs have drain holes in the seamless bottom to allow easy removal of any accumulated liquids. They are easy to clean and disinfect after use and can be used for moving either clean or dirty materials. The fiberglass is highly resistance to any type of acids, bleaches and chemicals and these baskets will stand up to use in extreme heat and cold. With their ability to be used for any type of bulk transport these linen trolleys are an ideal option for specialized use areas or general laundry requirements.  

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