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Magnifier Lights

Superior optics, light clarity, and mobility are the three most important factors to consider when choosing magnifier lights and diagnostic lights for a professional healthcare setting.  Whether in the examination room, office, clinic, or emergency room, it is an absolute necessity to have reliable and sturdy magnifier lights to ensure proper diagnoses, exams, and procedures.  Our on line catalog carries the best inventory of the newest and technologically advanced magnifier lights in the industry.  Our inventory of magnifier lights was designed to meet your specific needs in the most cost efficient manner and we update our product line daily.  From aesthetically pleasant fluorescent magnifier lights with different mounting options to hand held ultra violet magnifier lights, we supply a superior inventory of magnifier lights to satisfy the most demanding requirements of the healthcare professional.  Whether you’re a physician, nurse practitioner, dermatologist, or nurse, if you’ve been searching for the best magnifier lights in the industry, look no further than Medical Supplies and Equipment Company.  Let us be your primary provider for your particular needs in magnifier lights.


We offer the highest quality and most economical magnifier lights anywhere.  Take a look at the Wave Plus Fluorescent Magnifier Lights, for example.  The Wave Plus offers superior form and shadow free magnification with two fluorescent light sources that can operate independently.  Its superior optics features a 3.5 diopter fluorescent magnifier and it is 30% brighter than the industry standard.  The Wave Plus Fluorescent Magnifier was designed with a large rectangular magnifier (6.5” x 4”), insuring an optimum viewing area; a necessity for healthcare professionals.  With its no drift arm, the Wave Plus allows complete freedom of movement.  It also features a “quick start” switch and ballast to activate the fluorescent bulbs.  The Wave Plus can either be mounted on the wall or it can be mounted on a mobile base with four casters.  The Wave Plus is made in the USA and comes with a 3 year parts warranty. 


Our on line inventory also includes the new Epic Magnifier.  Though its modern design is aesthetically appealing, its real value is coupled with its superior optics, precise maneuverability, and unmatched performance.  The Epic Magnifier comes with a 3.5 polished glass diopter lens and has a circular viewing area of 6.5” (165 mm) in diameter.  With the Epic’s patented parallel motion enclosed arm system, it is ten times more sturdy than other lights on the market.  It comes in two models: 115 volts and 230 volts.  The Epic can either be mounted on the wall, a table, or on a mobile base.  The Epic is made in the USA and comes with a 5 year warranty.


Exceptional for use in emergency rooms, clinics, and physician offices, our supply of Ultraviolet Exam Magnifier Lights are unbeatable.  UV lighting systems are universally accepted for diagnosing disease and injuries to the skin and eye, for identifying medical tissue samples and restorative compounds in laboratories, discovering evidence in criminology labs, and are also used in cosmetology.  The Ultraviolet (Woods) Lights are hand held, offering maximum flexibility and portability.  Its polished magnifier lens features a focal length of 8” and 3 power magnification.  Though the 115 volt model is the standard, it also comes in 110, 220, and 240 volt models.  Depending on your specific application, these magnifier lights also have models with white bulbs.  The Ultraviolet (Woods) Lights are also made in the USA and come with a 3 year warranty.


Whatever your specifications and needs may be for your magnifier lights and diagnostic lights, we are your primary provider.  For any questions or assistance, please call us toll free at 1-877-706-4480.

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