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Making The Workplace More Productive By Using A Mobile UV Air Sanitizer

There has been a great deal of research on how businesses, schools, agencies and other public spaces are often some of the least healthy places to be. This is not because of the environment itself, but more directly related to the levels of airborne contaminants that are found within these buildings. Some of the more common contaminants include viruses, bacteria, airborne irritants and allergens and the presence of mold spores in the air. Using UV air sanitizer units is a way to eliminate these issues in the air and promote a healthier workplace.


According to a research study completed at McGill University in Canada in November of 2003, the use of UV air sanitizers in the workplace resulted in a dramatic decrease in the levels of illness related to airborne contaminants. In this study the actual air conditioning coils were irradiated, without the use of whole room UV air sanitizers. With the use of UV air sanitizer systems in the air conditioning units the overall cases of illness in the workplace during the time of the study decreased by 20%. Not only did the actual number of employees reporting specific illnesses decrease, but the number of people in the environment that were reporting respiratory symptoms decreased by an incredible 40% during the study.


Consider all the public buildings, spaces and offices that are constantly bombarded with airborne contaminants on a daily basis. It is estimated that between five and twenty percent of all Americans will get the flu in some variety every year. From that percentage an average of 200,000 people will be hospitalized for flu symptoms and complications and approximately 36,000 individuals will die because of flu related complications each year. In addition to this very serious health risk, employers in the United States alone will lose up to $10 billion dollars each year just to employees calling in sick with the flu. Couple this with the increasing numbers of flu pandemics and this amount is sure to continue to increase over time.


Using UV air sanitizer products within a workplace, school or business just makes good economic sense. These products are easy to operate and have built in safety features that ensure there is no risk to employees or individuals while the air sanitation is occurring. Timer units on mobile ultraviolet air sanitizer models allow the operator to set the device to start the purification cycles at times when the building, office, clinic or facility is completely empty. However, each UV air sanitizer is also equipped with an addition safety feature of an IR or infrared motion detector system. These four detectors immediately shut down the cycle should a door open or anyone enter the room, ensuring the optimum in safety for operators and others in the building.


Highly portable and simple to operate, UV air sanitizer technology is something that every business should consider. Not only will it ensure that employees stay healthy but it also helps to reduce the very high cost of time lost due to respiratory health issues and airborne contaminants in the workplace.



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