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Medical Bed for All Home and Hospital Needs

When it comes to purchasing medical beds there is no substitute for quality construction, easy maneuverability, and convenient operation.  State-of-the-art medical beds are designed to be the sturdiest and most reliable medical beds in the industry.  Take into consideration the many factors and options involved in purchasing medical beds.  Options include different medical bed models, various mattress combinations, an assortment of railing systems as well as accessories for customization to your wants and needs. 


Medical grade home care or hospital beds are manufactured with high-tech components designed to stand the test of time.  There are three models to choose from.  The manually operated, semi-electric and the fully electric model whick is the most convenient for both care provider and patient to operate.  Fully electric beds have an easy-to-use pendant control, providing motorized positioning to increase the patient’s comfort.  All beds feature welded steel construction reinforced head and foot springs to provide durability and support.  They also feature a two-piece split-spring design that’s easy to set up and operate.  They feature 3 inch casters that swivel and lock.  The UL approved electric operating system provides quiet, smooth operation.  These medical beds are 36 inches wide, 88 inches long, and have a weight capacity of 460 pounds.



Low Beds or hospital beds with low profile frames are designed to reduce potential injuries from falls for people who have a difficult time getting up or down.  These are common with bariatric or geriatric patients, both who commonly have mobility issues. Look for a bed constructed of welded angle steel with reinforced corner plates for stability.  Reinforced head and foot springs are a plus adding to the beds strength.  Bariatric beds are 36 inches wide, 88 inches in length, and have a weight capacity of 460 pounds.


Heavy Duty Electric Hospital Bed are also available, built with extra-strength components making it capable of supporting 600 pounds.  Some feature wide sleeping surfaces of 42 inches for extra space and comfort.  So if a larger bed is needed, you are sure to find a bed large enought to accomodate your needs.  Hospital beds in facilities with bariatric patients are welded angle steel construction features reinforced corner plates for extra strength. Two piece split-frame design is easy to use, set up, and operate.  For increased stability, these models feature 4” locking swivel casters.  The electronic operating systems are safe, reliable, and built to last.  These larger bariatric beds are commonly 48 to 54 inches wide,, 88 inches long and a weight capacity of 800-1000 pounds. 


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