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Medical Imaging Tables: What Types To Consider

Medical imaging tables are now found in most clinical settings as well as major hospitals and health care systems. With the increasing affordability of a variety of imaging and diagnostic equipment and increasing need for immediate access to images for diagnosis these pieces of medical equipment are a great addition to smaller clinics as well as large hospitals.

Medical imaging tables for ultrasound testing are essential in a wide variety of types of practices. These relatively basically constructed types of tables are designed to be long lasting, durable and smaller in size. They can include the option for both Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positioning for ultrasound examination of the pelvis and stomach areas as well as the option to elevate the backrest for patient comfort and positioning.

Bariatric echo types of medial imaging tables are also a must for many types of practices and patient examination rooms. Designed to be practical and safe these tables are reinforced with steel angles and also have thicker padding for patient comfort when positioned on the table. Bariatric echo tables can come with a variety of customized options include the storage area under the table as well as the upholstery and laminate colors of the table itself.

Power styles of medical imaging tables are a good option for working with patients with physical disabilities, lack of mobility or for patients that are uncomfortable with standard height tables. These medical imaging tables allow the entire table to be lowered using motorized lift and lower system. The raising and lowering is controlled by an easy to access foot pedal, allowing technicians to assist the patient without requiring a hand for operating the controls. The base of these types of medical imaging tables is welded steel, providing safe, secure and steady movement up and down the range of height possibilities.

C-Arm medical imaging tables are essential in positioning patients for use with mobile or ceiling suspended types of imaging equipment and systems. Designed to allow technicians to correctly position the patient under the imaging equipment these tables provide a wide range of motion and a large surface area that is suitable for imaging. The tables can also be adjusted up and down for both patient and staff comfort. The solid metal tower base style keeps the table solid through all movement and positioning. Typically these tables will have both foot and hand control options which provide maximum versatility and safety when the table is in operation. The added benefit to C-arm types of tables is that they are ideal for a huge range of procedures and they also can be designed to be compatible with all the major C-arm products. This eliminates the need to have specialized tables for each piece of equipment.

Choosing the right medical imaging table just takes a bit of research and a good understanding of just what your specific needs will be. For many facilities the basic imaging tables are both cost effective and very practical while larger facilities may benefit from a variety of specialized types of imaging tables and equipment.

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