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Medical Storage Soolution – Stainless Steel Shelving

There is no better material for commercial shelving and industrial shelving systems than stainless steel.  Stainless steel shelving units offer the strength, stability, and quality unmatched by other materials such as plastic, wood, aluminum, and other metals.  Stainless steel is resistant to damage from oxidation, corrosion, and staining.  Stainless steel shelves are easier to clean, they don’t retain odors, and they actually cost less than shelves made of lesser quality materials.   Stainless steel shelves are constructed of an alloy metal; a composite of steel and chromium.  Along with the aforementioned advantages, the chromium composition gives stainless steel its aesthetic shine and incredible durability.  Due to the wide range of applications, stainless steel shelving is the optimum choice for shelving systems in restaurant kitchens, storage rooms, warehouses, and any environment.


Our on-line inventory of stainless steel shelves is all-inclusive.  No matter the dimensions of your area, from wall space to floor space, we have the exact unit to fit your specifications.  There are many models and varieties to consider.  The O Series are table mounted single overshelves and the DO Series are table mounted double overshelves.  Beyond table mounted shelves, we carry an extensive variety of shelves that can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or floors.  We also feature a line of wall cabinets: the WC Series.  Also included in our on-line catalogue is a large variety of pot racks, utensil racks, spice racks, microwave shelves, and more.  There are more models to consider in our inventory; we invite you to browse our site and you’ll see the specific model you need.  Regardless of the particular profession or industry you and your organization are in, we carry a comprehensive product line of stainless steel shelving systems and accessories to fit your specific requirements.


Our huge inventory contains stainless steel shelves that are uncompromised in quality, construction, and design.  Depending on the specific model, the shelves are made of 16 gauge 430 series stainless steel, 16 gauge 304 series stainless steel, or 14 gauge 304 series stainless steel.  The legs have a sturdy 1 5/8” outside diameter and are made of 16 gauge 304 stainless steel tubing.  The legs are mounted into fully adjustable Aerolock aluminum extrusions that allow mid shelves to be placed at any height.  These Aerolock extrusions also give the shelves extra strength.  All shelves have a 1 ½” turn down on the sides and feature the exclusive Aero Safety Edge, meaning the shelves are hemmed to eliminate potential harm or damage from rough edges.  All shelves are shipped complete with a 1 5/8” rubber expander assembly. All stainless steel shelves are polished to a #4 mill finish, come fully cartoned, and are easily assembled.


In addition, our shelves also feature exclusive Aerospec design features.  All sides have a v-shaped countertop edge to reduce spillage.  The backsplashes are 10” high and include a 2” return at 45 degree angle.  The gussets are also constructed of stainless steel instead of galvanized steel.

If you’ve been searching for commercial and industrial strength shelves to accessorize your work areas with a modern aesthetic appeal, your search is over.  It doesn’t matter what the intended purpose may be, whether you need shelves for storage, books, cleaning, preparation and more, we supply them.  Our inventory of shelves will match nicely with stainless steel sinks, stainless steel work tables, and the many other stainless steel products we carry.


Whatever your specifications may be for commercial and industrial stainless steel shelves and shelving systems, allow us to be your primary provider for the best products and accessories.  For any questions or assistance, please call us toll free at 1-877-706-4480.

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