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1-Ply Blockade Surgeons Gown

Single ply blockade surgeon gowns provide a breathable fabric barrier that is highly fluid-resistant.

Original price was: $654.36.Current price is: $449.72.


  • Blockade fabric is a taffeta weave produced with untwisted continuous filament polyester
  • The fabric provides an exceptional barrier that is highly fluid-resistant
  • The high-density construction resists fluid penetration while maintaining breathability and comfort
  • Under normal conditions, blockade barrier properties are guaranteed up to 75 processings
  • These lightweight, comfortable gowns feature a 1-ply blockade on full front and full sleeves with fabric back panels
  • Bias bound color-coded neckline indicates the gown’s size
  • Neck and back tie closures
  • Ciel blue coloring
  • Available in large and extra-large sizes
  • Please click options tab to select desired size


  • Gown length: 48.75in
  • Material: 99% polyester, 1% carbon
  • 1-ply Blockade fabric construction



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