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Medical Walkers

Walkers are vital aids for people who need mobility assistance.  Though medical walkers are most commonly associated with the elderly and use in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, the fact is walkers serve a multitude of functions outside of that conception.  Walkers are simply required by people of all ages.  Medical walkers are used to help people stabilize themselves and who are too weak to support their own weight.  From broken bones to spinal cord injuries, walkers are relied upon to aid people during their rehabilitation and physical therapy.  Medical walkers also aid people who suffer from debilitating diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and Parkinson’s disease. 


Though there are models that offer different optional features, all walkers have the same basic design for their intended purpose.  They have four legs, form a supporting frame around the person, and they are made of lightweight metal for easy maneuverability.  Most medical walkers can be adjusted to accommodate people of different heights, but before the height is fixed there are few things to consider.  The height must be set so that the elbow is bent and able to pick the whole unit up in order to securely make the next step.  As well, another important factor is the user’s weight.  The height and weight of the patient are the differentiating issues that will determine the specific model one needs.  Whatever those needs may be, however, we have the item required.


Our on line catalog has a vast assortment of medical walkers and walker accessories for you to consider.  Though the most popular models are those featuring two front wheels, there are many other models to evaluate.  Whatever your body type may be, we have the specific product designed to meet your personal needs.  For the larger person, we carry heavy duty models and bariatric models that will provide sturdy, dependable support while sustaining the compact, lightweight engineering found in other models.  We also supply seated models and four-wheeled models.   For children and adolescents, we carry pediatric models.  We supply units that are effortless to fold, enabling easy travel convenience.  From baskets, wheels, glide attachments, extension legs, to cane holders, there is a wide array of accessories to consider.  Take a moment to browse our on line inventory and you’ll discover that we carry the model that will meet your needs.


All of our walker supplies & manufacturers are trusted healthcare industry leaders.  They use the best that science and technology has to offer to construct and design our walkers to the highest standards of quality, strength, durability, and proper ergonomic support.  These being the standards we uphold, we still offer our products at prices below MSRP.  This means we pass the savings on to you.

We are committed to bringing medical professionals and patients the finest medical supplies and equipment to be found on the market.  While we only offer state of the art products, we provide them at prices that the competition tries to match.  You can rely on us to provide you with the best products on the market in the most economical fashion.  It is our aim to get these products and supplies to you as soon as possible so your treatment and rehabilitation needs are met with the utmost efficiency.  We offer quick and convenient shipping services that will bring your order straight to your location.


At Medical Supplies and Equipment Company, it is our goal to be your one-stop reliable source for all your walker and walker accessory needs.  After browsing our on line inventory, please don’t hesitate to call us toll free at 1-877-706-4480 if you have any questions or need any further assistance.

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