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Mini Freezers in Medical Facilities

Mini freezers are a great addition to a variety of different medical settings. They can easily fit under an existing counter in a laboratory or they can sit beside a counter or as a stand alone freezer unit. They are also a great addition to a medical supply room where cold packs, specimens or tissue samples need to be kept in a frozen state. The small size of these mini freezers doesn't mean that they don't offer a variety of different options for storage and different features that make them ideal for many uses.

Many smaller labs, clinics and medical facilities don't require a full sized freezer that takes up a lot of valuable laboratory or floor space and also costs more money to continue to run. Smaller mini freezers are more economical since they are less costly to operate on an ongoing basis. With less cubic feet of interior space to keep at the desired temperature the energy use is lower. In addition the space saving features of the external size of the mini freezers make them a better match for small medical settings. Since they are designed to have zero-clearance for under standard counters no additional alternations or renovations to existing counters is required to install the appliance.

It is essential to keep in mind that the quality of the smaller freezers is equal to the quality seen in the full sized laboratory freezers. This includes carrying a commercial rating for general laboratory use, which is an important consideration since this rating ensures that the freezer meets industry standards. This includes having a microprocessor based system that works to keep the temperature at the point set by the controller. Many of the mini freezers come complete with a digital read out of the actual temperature as a digital temperature set point control.

In addition to offering digital temperature set points and digital read outs of the actual temperature many of the top of the line laboratory freezers offer a variety of different alarm systems that will notify staff as to any changes outside of the parameters set for the freezer. The user set parameters for the system can be designed to limit temperature fluctuations or they can be slightly more lenient in the range allowed. If the temperature deviates outside of this user set range an alarm sounds, which can be set to be audible as well as visual. Special systems also allow for remote monitoring of the system that connects to existing monitoring systems within the medical facility or laboratory.

One of the unique options for cooling with some brands of mini freezers is known as dynamic convection temperature conditioning. This means that the interior is cooled using convection technology instead of using fans or blowers. Convection cooling ensures that the temperature is uniform within the interior space, without colder or warmer areas. In order to maintain temperature these smaller mini freezers have a manual defrost system that allows full control of the temperature whenever the freezer is in use.


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