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Mobile Sinks for the Environmentally Conscious

More and more people are choosing to live a lifestyle that is more attuned to the world around them. Green products that promote environmentally conscious building, from using minimal amounts of electricity and fuels through to avoiding specific chemicals in building, are now in the forefront of many consumers’ minds. Mobile sinks are a great example of how green building and environmentally friendly ideas can really help out the average consumer.

One of the biggest advantages of mobile hand wash stations is that they are built using phthalate and lead free counter tops. These are two chemicals that can be found in a variety of lower quality laminates and cabinet materials. Phthalate is a type of chemical that is added to plastics to make them more durable. Research has shown that these chemicals are gradually released into the environment as the plastic becomes less stable over time. They are linked to the development of allergies, asthma and, in very high dosages, can also cause hormonal changes and birth defects. Since mobile sinks don't contain these materials they are very safe for use both indoors and outdoors.


The instant or on-demand hot water supply that is built into the cabinet of the mobile sinks is also a definite plus to the environment. It helps to save on the amount of electricity used since the heater only activates when the hot water tap is turned on. Between uses the system does not use any electricity. This not only saves power but it also saves on electricity bills. People don't have to worry about unplugging or disconnecting the power supply when the sink is not in use. This in turn saves wear and tear on the electrical cord and components of the system, also helping to save on replacement parts.
Mobile sinks can be moved from space to space, since there is no requirement for plastic or copper water lines and sewer lines in the home, office or workplace. You don't have to make costly renovations to your plumbing system and you don't have to buy additional materials. While this is a huge cost saving factor, it is also much more environmentally friendly than full sink installations. 

Mobile sinks are designed to be self contained units. This means that they both supply fresh water for hand washing and general use, as well as capture all the waste water in a separate container. This is much different than many types of outdoor sinks around that simply drain the soapy, used water out the hose and onto the surface of the ground. By catching the grey water in a clearly labeled and designated container in the cabinet no waste water escapes. The individual never has to worry about what the grey water from the mobile sinks may be contaminating. The waste water can be easily disposed of in a sink, drain or other appropriate disposal location.


Keeping the environment as healthy and vibrant as possible is an important consideration for us all. Portable sinks allow the best of both worlds with their environmentally friendly design as well as their ability to help us follow appropriate hygiene and hand washing routines.

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