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Mobility Products Medical Information

States are required to include home care services and to cover costs of most mobility products. Hospital costs for the same treatment for illness, injury and chronic conditions range from 200-7000 percent more than for home care. However, the shocking monetary statistics are only one reason to advocate home care treatment. Technological advances allow more medical procedures to be performed in outpatient or home care environments. Shorter hospital stays means more recovery and rehabilitation must occur at home.


When the proper mobility products are used during home care, patients benefit tremendously.  Patients aided by mobility products are encouraged to participate in regular family activities. When mobility products help patients be more active, recovery is faster. Because mobility products enable patients to leave hospitals sooner, families are not separated during hospital stays. Mobility products allow individuals to administer preventive home care for chronic conditions, thereby avoiding hospitalizations.


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC furnishes mobility products that are excellent values. Our mobility products offer:

  • Solid and Durable Construction
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Superior Value
  • Optimal Patient Comfort
  • Proper Designs for Specific Patient Conditions
  • Excellent Recommendations from Medical Professionals
  • Full Manufacturers Warranties


Mobility products are vital to home care patients and caregivers. Mobility products enable patients to achieve the highest level of independence during recovery. Mobility products are also important to patients with chronic conditions, because they help patients carry on daily activities while receiving treatment at home. Mobility products that are prescribed by physicians for home use help patients perform tasks they would otherwise not be able to accomplish. Mobility products facilitate ordinary activities and improve quality of life. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC is dedicated to providing quality mobility products at economical prices. 


Our mobility products product specialists are highly trained with decades of experience helping individuals, caregivers and health care facilities select the most appropriate mobility products. Our mobility products specialists will also assist in coordinating numerous mobility products for the best solution possible. 


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC will ship your mobility products order directly to you. All online purchases of mobility products will be safely handled with your privacy assured.


One of the most common mobility products prescriptions involves assistance with daily mobility—wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs.


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC provides mobility products including wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs that are sturdy, well engineered, easy and safe to operate. We handle mobility products from leading wheelchair manufacturers, such as Jazzy, Shoprider, Merits, Sidekick and Pride. Mobility products are available in a multitude of different styles and sizes, including: 


  • Standard Manual Wheelchairs
  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • Ultra Light Manual Wheelchairs 
  •  Heavy-Duty Reclining Wheelchairs
  • Pediatric Wheelchairs
  • Super-Wide, Deep Seat Wheelchairs 
  • Shower Wheelchairs
  • Batteries—for electric wheelchairs

Power Operated Vehicles (Scooters).


Mobility products that have become quite popular are electric scooters—three or four-wheel power vehicles that operate indoors or outdoors. Electric scooters provide the same mobility as wheelchairs, but the front steering tiller may be easier to manage. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC offers an abundance of mobility product styles and sizes from leading mobility products manufacturers including:


  • Three and Four-Wheel Scooters
  • Petite Scooters 
  •  Foldable Scooters 
  •  Two-Seater Scooters 
  •  Heavy-Duty Scooters 
  •  Scooters with headlights and rear or front baskets
  • Scooter Batteries
  • Scooters with oxygen holders

Lift Chairs.


Lift chairs are extremely helpful mobility products that enable individuals to enjoy an independent lifestyle at home. Mobility products such as lift chairs are an excellent mobility solution for patients who have been weakened by illness or injury, but who can recover at home. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC provides attractive lift chairs engineered to meet mobility products standards. Lift chairs have state-of-the art lift mechanisms and reliable motors for long-lasting service. We offer lift chairs by major mobility products manufacturers in a variety of styles with an assortment of features including:


  • Two-way Lift Chairs
  • Three-way Lift Chairs
  • Wall Hugger Lift Chairs
  • Space Saver Lift Chairs
  • Lift Chairs with heat and massage

Canes, Crutches & Walkers.



Mobility products such as canes, crutches and walkers are prescribed for patients needing mobility assistance for daily activities, but who are not as incapacitated as those needing mobility products like wheelchairs. Canes, crutches and walkers can be used during short-term injury or post-operative recovery or for chronic and intermittent conditions such as:


  • Vertigo
  • Arthritis
  • Orthopedic Injuries 
  • Stroke
  • Congestive Heart Failure 
  • Weakness from Cancer Treatment

Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC provides an extensive selection of mobility products with numerous styles of canes, crutches and walkers. Our mobility products specialists will assist you in choosing the most appropriate product for your age, size and lifestyle. We offer mobility products that include:


  • Question Mark Handle Canes
  • T-Handle Canes, folding and adjustable
  • Folding, Reflective Canes for the Blind
  • Pediatric Canes
  • Quad-Support Canes
  • Wooden Canes, all sizes
  • Stand-Up Assist Canes
  • Adult and Pediatric Crutches, adjustable
  • Adult and Pediatric Forearm Crutches, adjustable 
  •  Two/Three/Four Wheeled Walkers with baskets
  • Walkers with seats
  • Folding Static Walkers
  • Heavy-duty, Extra-Wide Walkers



One of the simplest ways to increase mobility for recovering patients or those with debilitating conditions is to install mobility products such as home ramps. Ramps are available for permanent installation or intermittent usage. Portable mobility products include many styles and sizes of ramps for wheelchairs and scooters. Because mobility products are needed both inside and outside homes, there are numerous choices available. Even small portable ramps for thresholds inside the home where carpet abuts tile can increase mobility and enhance overall quality of life.


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC provides mobility product specialists who can assist you in obtaining the best ramp for any situation. We have ramps from the leading mobility product manufacturers, plus we can help you locate installation experts, if permanent ramp mobility products are desired. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC offers ramp mobility products including:


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