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Narcotic Safe Features For Secure Storage

Keeping Medicine Out of the Wrong Hands


Maintaining the security of narcotic medications in a hospital or health care facility is always a major concern for both administrators as well as staff. Having a specially designed, highly secure narcotic safe is one way to make sure that only those with the need to be in the safe have access to the contents, plus it provides additional protection for the facility itself.


There are several different types of models that may be an ideal narcotic safe for small to larger sized medical and care facilities. In general, a narcotic safe, sometimes also known as a narcotic locker, needs to be durable to prevent forced entry into the safe as well as secured with effective locking mechanisms. There are some options with regards to material, with most narcotic safes being made of stainless steel or 18 to 22 gauge steel for high levels of durability and security.


The doors on a narcotic safe can be either single or double, depending on the level of security needed. A single door narcotic safe has one door that opens with either one or two separately keyed locks. Double doors have one outer door and one inner door, both requiring different keys to get into the contents of the safe. In both cases the locks are cam locks, designed to prevent the key from being removed when the door is in the open position. This feature on both types of doors prevents anyone from taking the keys out of the lock when the staff is distracted or busy, plus it also adds additional support in ensuring the narcotic safe is locked when the staff walks away. If, by chance, the door has not been properly closed the key will not release, triggering the staff to re-check and close the door for a secure and locked fit.


A narcotic safe may also have different types of hinges on the doors. Complete piano style hinges that run the entire height of the door are often preferred since there is less likelihood that these types of hinges can be tampered with. Other standard hinges are ideal for smaller sized narcotic safe designs since there is less distance between the top and bottom frames along the hinged side of the safe.


Mounting a narcotic safe to a wall or in an existing cupboard or medicine supply room is another enhanced safety feature. Not only can the room or cupboard also be locked, adding an additional security layer, but the narcotic safe is also in a more concealed location, less likely to draw attention by those not requiring access to the safe. Mounting the narcotic safe to the wall prevents the safe from being removed quickly, detracting from any possible issues with theft or damage of the safe as may be possible with the smaller, free standing types of narcotic safe options.


Moreover, there is, in fact, an alternative to these already high quality safes. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the standard electronic narcotic safe. Designed to securely and safely hold various medicines and drugs, the heavy duty steel and electronic keypad lock makes this product ideal for protecting your medication or products from children. With over a thousand programmable combinations, this electronic safe makes it near impossible to raid, and provides peace of mind for anyone.


Still need more? Fear not. Fingerprint electronic safes offer unique fingerprint technology that keeps out unauthorized individuals and stores up to 120 different users. You can access all controls with just the touch of your finger, providing peace of mind and quality security. With a fingerprint electronic safe, you won't have to remember combinations and codes any more; just press your finger, and your're in. Even if your battery or power fails, the electronic fingerprint safe remembers all stored fingerprints.


Since security, storage and administration of narcotics within a hospital or healthcare setting can potentially be problematic, having the right equipment is a must. A narcotic safe that meets all security and protocol regulations within a given facility is a great investment that will only help make everyone's job much easier.



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