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Neck Traction Devices for Home Use

While treating various types of neck and spinal conditions, a doctor may be required to provide recommendations on neck traction devices for use at a patient's home. Being able to talk to patients about the pros and cons of each device and why certain ones may be better suited to the patient's treatment goals is an important part of getting the patient involved in his own recovery. These traction devices are also used for pain management for neck injuries, and this type of home treatment can help reduce the frequency of trips to the emergency room. In addition, they may also provide a good option or compliment to drug therapies for chronic neck and upper back pain.

For patients who need significant relif from compression and neck strain, over-door neck traction devices may be the perfect match. These devices can provide both flexion and extension types of traction that is uniquely weighted to correspond to the specific traction that the patient requires. A hanger, which supports two pulleys, fits over the top of any standard door and clamps in place. The front pulley supports the head halter and a vinyl water bag easily attaches to the traction rope and hook that is connected through the two pulleys to the head halter. The vinyl water bag is marked to indicate the amount of water needed to correspond to a particular weight. The patient simply places his or her chin in the sling of the head halter with the water bag attached to the rope from the rear pulley. The patient then stands or sits to provide the safe pull upwards on the chin releasing the pressure off the neck.

Pneumatic neck traction devices are easy to use in any position from sitting to supine. These neck traction devices fit around the head and over the shoulders, exerting force evenly down and up to gently stretch the neck without causing any additional pressure or pain. The amount of pressure can be controlled by the hand pneumatic pressure gauge until a comfortable position is obtained. These cervical traction devices come in three different sizes, small, medium and large, and are easy to travel with and perfect for use in any type of work or home environment.

Highly portable neck traction devices, or collar types of units are perfect for minor to moderate pain management. They are commonly used for the treatment of pinched nerves and other neck pain caused by muscle spasms or muscle tightness. They are also helpful for people that suffer from migraines and chronic head and neck pain, osteoarthritis, degenerative discs, or chronic types of neck injuries. These neck traction devices come in a variety of sizes from small to extra large. They slip over the head and then the user simply inflates the traction collar to the desired level using a bulb type of hand pump. To release the air and remove the neck traction devices a simple screw device on the bulb releases all pressure. These devices are easy to use anywhere at any time and are lightweight and fit into a suitcase, backpack or briefcase for use at home, during travel and vacations or even at the office.

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