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Nursing Scrubs

Medical Supplies Equipment Company offers an  increasingly diverse array of nursing scrubs second to nothing online.  Choose from styles and colors brand new to the medical industry, and create not only a whole new inventory for your staff, but a whole new look as well.  Nurse’s scrubs from the world’s best manufacturers now offer more options than ever when it comes to comfort, fit, and even a touch of fashion.  Choose from sturdy fabrics made from cotton and polyester blends and rich, unique colors such as seaspray, wine, and evergreen.  Our nursing scrubs offer the added value of easy coordination, as you will see in many of our product offerings linking recommended top and bottom combinations to maximize both function and aesthetics.  Furthermore, size options for nurse’s scrubs have never been more diverse than they now appear in MSEC’s newest additions of plus and extra large fit.


You can find any number of comfortable, versatile nursing scrub tops in our inventory.  Consider a V-neck, snap front tunic made from 35% cotton ComfortEase fabric ideal for sensitive skin and overtime shifts.  Featuring an elastic back detail, it also offers an extra-snug fit and additional storage space in two lower pockets.  If you are working in an environment that calls for long sleeves, try one of our many unisex crossover reversible nursing scrubs.  These tops come with breast pockets and lower pockets both inside and out, so you never have to run back to the station to pick up a second handful of supplies.  Choose from colors like emerald, raspberry, basic black, white, and peacock just to name a few.  MSEC’s nurse’s scrubs give you color coordination options few other online inventories provide, along with both online coordination suggestions and a friendly staff always willing to give their best professional opinion over the phone.


Our nursing scrub pants have just as many variety and durability options as our tops.  Features such as cargo pockets in our unisex bottoms and mock button fly pull-on nurse’s scrub pants with drawstrings are just a few of the selections from which you can choose.  Find pull-on pants and covered elastic waistlines that combine snug fit and neat appearance, and enjoy the storage capacities offered by deep pockets that maximize carrying capacity on long rounds and late night shift work.  MSEC also offers nursing scrub pants with tapered legs and side pockets made from AngelStat material especially blended to eliminate static cling notorious for causing additional discomfort in colder climates.  Browse through a vast array of colors to find the right match for your favorite warm up jacket or simple reversible pullover.  Finally, always keep in mind we accommodate all material preferences here at MSEC.  Choose from a selection of nursing scrubs that showcases both polyester and cotton blends along with 100% cotton options. 


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company adds new lines and manufacturers daily to its growing array of scrubs for nurses and medical assistants.  If for any reason you don’t initially find what you came for, remember to call us at 1-877-706-4480.  We will be happy to special order what you need to ensure your satisfaction as our customer. 

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