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Ostomy Care

An ostomy is a surgical procedure creating an opening in the body for discharging bodily wastes. A stoma is the end of ureter or bowel that protrudes through the abdominal wall. Common types of ostomies include:


  • Colostomy—surgically created temporary or permanent opening of the colon (large intestine).
  • Ileostomy—surgically created temporary or permanent opening for the small intestine.
  • Urostomy—surgically created temporary or permanent opening for urine to pass from the kidneys outside the body bypassing the bladder.


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC offers a variety of sizes and styles of ostomy systems, including:


  • Ostomy pouches to collect body wastes for disposal
  • Colon ostomy irrigation systems to clean wastes directly through the stoma opening
  • Stoma lubricant.
  • Stoma cap.
  • Ostomy irrigation bag.
  • Connecting tube (catheter).
  • Stoma cone.
  • Ostomy irrigation sleeve.
  • Ostomy urinary pouch systems.
  • Drainable ostomy bags and night bottles.
  • Flat faceplate ostomy pouching systems.
  • Convex faceplate ostomy pouching systems.
  • Adhesive backed ostomy faceplates.
  • Rigid ostomy faceplates.
  • Flexible ostomy faceplates.
  • Ostomy belts.
  • Ostomy pouch covers.
  • Ostomy tape and tape remover.
  • Ostomy skin barrier liquid and paste.
  • Ostomy powders.
  • Convex ostomy inserts.


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company, LLC has Ostomy Care Products Specialists who will assist ostomy patients in selecting the best options. We carry a wide variety of ostomy care products from leading ostomy care manufacturers. Many times ostomy patients must experiment with styles and manufacturers to find the most comfortable ostomy products for their bodies and their lifestyles. Ostomy manufacturers may be able to provide trial samples on some ostomy care products. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any questions on ostomy care and ostomy products. Our Ostomy Care Products Specialists may also make recommendations on custom-fitted ostomy pouching systems. We will work with ostomy care medical teams to supply the best solution possible for ostomy patients.

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