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Portable Sinks For Daycare Providers

Having a daycare means providing all the comforts of home for the children in your care. It also means ensuring that they have ready access to hot and cold running water for hand washing, quick clean ups and any number of other small and large jobs and projects. Portable sinks for daycare settings come in a variety of different styles and options that allow you to choose the perfect match for your setting. You may also want to consider a variety of different models and options if you have a larger daycare, where there are multiple rooms for students and staff.  


Many daycares are not initially constructed to be daycares. They are buildings that may have been designed as stores, warehouses, community access buildings, church buildings or literally any other type of construction. Converting these buildings into daycare facilities means meeting specific standards as outlined within your state or area. One of the requirements is typically that the students have access to restroom facilities as well as hot and cold running water for hand washing. Portable sinks for daycare facilities make this easy to accomplish without a lot of added costs.


Putting plumbing into existing buildings to provide access to water for washing in every room in a daycare can be incredibly expensive. Fortunately there is a simple, portable solution that is also affordable. Portable sinks for daycare rooms make great economic sense, since they don't require conventional plumbing, but they still provide the hot water needed for hand washing and clean-up as per your local requirements. Since they can be moved from room to room, you can also save on your budget while still providing very sturdy, durable, and practical hand washing stations.


Portable sinks for daycare settings are designed with real world experiences in mind. Stainless steel sink basins and faucets are very practical, easy to clean, and built to stand up the daily use of a bunch of little hands. In addition, some models of portable sinks for daycare rooms also feature stainless counter tops that will be resistant to paint, glue, and other possible materials that would normally stain a regular counter top. Laminate tops for portable hand wash stations offer a durable alternative to stainless steel tops.


Another option in portable sinks for daycare centers is the kiddie station. This is a combination of a portable sink and a changing table all in one unit. The changing table and sink combination allows for staff to quickly wash up and to also have warm water available for cleaning the baby. The storage area under the changing table provides room to store diapers and supplies. Since the sink is right next to the diaper changing station, staff never has to step away from the baby, providing an additional level of comfort for new parents.


The height of portable sinks for daycare providers can vary depending on where the equipment is required. Sinks for kids are only 28 inches in height, perfect for most children over the age of 4 or 5. For younger children a step up stool is available that allows them to easily reach the tap and sink. Different accessories, including an automatic sensor on the faucet to turn water on and off, really add to the practical aspects of this invaluable piece of equipment in the daycare and childcare environments.

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