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Scalpel Handles

When looking for high-quality materials and trusted craftsmanship, along with great value, Medical Supplies & Equipment Company has that and much more to offer in their wide selection of state-of-the-art medical supplies and equipment. If performing operations and procedures, physicians and surgeons must have the tools and instruments they trust in order to maintain the integrity and success of their practice. This is why we only offer top of the line products and supplies to our customers.


Medical Supplies & Equipment Company’s scalpel handles are an accompaniment to our fine scalpel blades, and are a reliable choice for physicians and surgeons with any operating schedule. More than 30 years of research from the world’s best engineers and scientists have gone into the making of our sterile, stainless steel scalpel handles. These tools can be sterilized after use to offer you an even bigger value.


Our high-quality scalpel handles are a perfect fit for Medical Supplies & Equipment Company’s surgical scalpel blades, which are available in various sizes, to guarantee success in your surgical and medical procedures. Made from the world’s finest craftsmanship, our stainless steel scalpel knife blades offer the best of traditionally designed medical instruments, and are compatible with size #3LA , 3L , 4L , 10, 11, 12 , 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25 , 60 and 70 scalpel blades.


In addition to scalpels and scalpel accessories, we also have discounted Liston knives , which are available in with either a 13-3/4 or 6-1/2  inch stainless steel blade. Our Liston knives offer a great value and precision for performing amputations or other medical procedures. We also have scalpel holders  available for keeping your scalpel blades and scalpel handles easily accessible.


When it comes to buying medical supplies and equipment from a company you trust, look no further than Medical Supplies & Equipment Company. We offer our customers only the finest in materials, craftsmanship and value. Our line of high-quality disposable and re-usable scalpels, scalpel blades, and scalpel handles are the equipment you need to perform the procedures and operations that matter most. When it comes to these concerns, and the concerns of your patients, trust us to provide you with the finest tools and equipment you need to make your patients thank you every time. Our surgical scalpels and scalpels accessories  guarantee this, and more, and this is why you can count on Medical Supplies & Equipment Company.

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