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Selecting Adjustable Hospital Beds for Best Sleep Possible

Sleep is vital to well being. It is also critical in healing from illness or surgery. Finding the best sleeping position can be a difficult task, and maintaining it during the night can seem impossible. This is especially the case for the oldest and youngest of patients. That is why these groups are ideal for needing adjustable beds to help them to sleep better at night. The beds will not be able to help the patient to sleep, though, if it is difficult to use or dangerous. Finding the best adjustable beds is not difficult if you know what you are seeking. Helping the patient to get his much needed rest will enable them to speed their way to recovery.


When you are looking for an adjustable bed there are many different types of bed from which to choose based upon the age and size specifics of the patient. All of these beds, however, do share some common traits. By knowing what to look for in a bed, you will be assured of purchasing a high quality product that will last for many uses. Opting for a low cost bed might initially save you money, but it is likely to be made of lower quality materials. This means that the bed will wear out, sag, or have its motor stop working much sooner than a better crafted bed. Repeated replacements of your beds will cost you more money in the long run. That is why you should only buy the highest caliber of adjustable beds you can find.


The frame of the bed should be made of steel. It would be ideal if you can find one that comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame. This is the company's promise that their bed will last for years to come, even through daily use. When selecting your adjustable beds, you will need to take into consideration the weight of the patient. Most standard frames will support up to 450 pounds. If the patient is larger, you will likely need to look at bariatric bedswhich are designed to hold 600 to 1000 pounds. Bariatric beds are also wider, often from 48 to 60 inches wide, to accommodate obese patients. There are even pediatric and neonatal beds with adjustable safety railings to prevent accidents.


Most adjustable beds come with a foam mattress. This is because inner spring mattresses do not fold and bend as well as foam when the head or foot of the bed is raised or lowered. For optimal safety, the foam mattress needs to be fire retardant and have an antibacterial covering. Safety rails are an option for  adjustable beds and they are usually a good choice for patients who need something to hold when they get into or out of bed, or even for turning over. Safety rails when added to a bed can easily be removed, so it is seldom a mistake to include them.


For electric adjustable beds, you will need to find models that come with a warranty on the motor since that is the part of the bed that is most quickly worn down. The motor needs to be UL approved to ensure that it is safe to operate. You also need to make certain that it is quiet when it is being used. Grinding from the motor is a sign that it is straining. This means that it will quickly wear out and need replacing. Silence is golden in the case of motors.


When you are looking for your adjustable beds, find the highest quality possible to allow for the patients to get the highest quality of sleep possible themselves.


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