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Selecting the Right Pair of Dental Magnifiers.

The interior of the mouth can be a dark and frightening place, especially in the mind of a patient, but to professionals equipped with dental magnifiers, much can be learned. Patients are unaware that to the trained eye, the gums, teeth, tongue, and tissues inside can not only tell about their lifestyle and habits, but they can also be predictors of disease. In order to make the most of examinations of the mouth, the dentist will need to get a closer look through the use of a  dental magnifier. The effectiveness of the diagnosis will be determined by the visual acuity of the dentist. This requires finding the perfect magnifiers for the practitioner's use. It must be able to perform for the dentist to allow him to fully function in his job.


You will need to look for many things when selecting dental magnifiers. Since dentistry often entails the use of both of the dentist's hands, and in many cases those of the dental assistant as well, any magnifier bought needs to be hands free. This means that you should look for loupes which are worn like glasses on the doctor's face. Due to the qualities which they share with eyeglasses, many of the same traits are common between these two. Just like eyeglasses, the loupe the dentist uses must be lightweight and strong. Many eyeglass frames are made of titanium which is rust proof and extremely durable. You should also select titanium as the material composing the frames of the dental magnifiers. This will allow the dentist to wear the magnifiers for a longer period of time without being fatigued by too heavy or bulky of a piece on his face.


Just like eyeglasses, dental magnifiers will need to be adjusted the the setting of the eyes in the user's face. The loupes will need to be adjustable for the intrapupillary, convergence, and declination angles. This helps the lens to focus the image directly onto the dentist's retina, allowing for the sharpest view and best fit. There are different levels of magnification, and according to the dentist's preferences, you will need to get a different type. Ideally, the dental office will be equipped with several magnifiers of varying magnification. Most of these are available in 2.5x, 3x, and 3.5x. High resolution is a must for the clearest view.


In order to allow for working at various distances, the  dental magnifiers will need to be able to be used for short and long range, as well as lengths in between. Short range is typically around 13 inches, and is ideal for up close examinations. Medium range hovers around 16 inches, while long range is about 19 inches or more. Enabling the dentist to use the same loupes for any distance he might work in will help him to be more efficient in his examination since he will not have to be changing loupes constantly as he alters his working distance.  Finding the right  dental magnifiers will help the dentist to be more efficient and effective in his dental examinations. The result will be better care for the patient which is the ultimate goal for any medical professional.

MSEC remains dedicated to providing the very best and the very latest in medical supplies and equipment.  We never cease to be on the lookout for the latest innovation that will benefit both our many clients and the patients they dedicate their lives to caring for.  If you have any difficulty finding your choices in our vast inventory, call our customer service at 1-877-706-4480 to speed up your order or to make a special request.  We are always happy to help you.

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