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Stitch Scissors

Quality medical supplies are indispensable in most hospitals, operating rooms, and doctors’ offices. This is why Medical Supplies & Equipment offers our customers the finest surgical supplies and equipment at discounts you can’t find elsewhere. All of our medical supplies and products represent the world’s best manufacturers and equipment that hospitals have relied on for many years. Not only can you count on our discounts, but our wide selection of surgical tools, medical supplies and equipment are guaranteed to have what’s needed most, at prices you can afford.


Our unbeatable selection of surgical scissors and shears has been hand-picked from the world’s finest manufacturers and materials and are built to last. All of our surgical scissors are made of surgical stainless steel and are designed to perform general to the most specific of procedures and tasks. Our mid to small sized Stitch Scissors are able to perform delicate to specific tasks easily and efficiently each use, and our selection is assured to have the right tool for any material, from silk to wire.


Browse through our collection of Suture and Stitch Scissors, which measure from 4-1/2 inches to 6 inches length, and are designed with sharp or blunt tips and curved, hooked or blunt curved blades. Our high quality, specialized curved tip, 6-1/4 inch suture scissors are equipped with a serrated blade for tough situations. We carry 4-1/2 inch, 4-3/4 inch or 5-1/2 inch, straight or curved tip stitch scissors with a light patt or light pattern tip, designed with specialized tip designs that are sure to accommodate any procedure that requires their use. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company also offers Long Oral Surgery (Buck) Scissors, which measure 6 inches in length, and our Wire Stitch Scissors, which measure 4-3/4 inch and are angled to one side, for extra maneuverability.  


We even carry delicated, curved stitch scissors, which measure 3-1/2 inch in length, and are available with straight, or bent tip blades, and are assured to perform well in smaller spaces. No matter what situation calls for the use of stitch scissors, Medical Supplies & Equipment Company guarantees that we will have the right tool necessary to perform the job well—without breaking your budget. All of our surgical stitch scissors are available at prices that are significantly less than the retail price, this is why you can count on us to provide you with the finest tools your money can buy—so you don’t have to sacrifice owning fine quality medical supplies and instruments.


Whether you’re looking for a specific tool to perform ordinary or specific tasks, Medical Supplies & Equipment Company is sure to have just what you’re looking for. Our high quality medical supplies are guaranteed to perform consistently, without sacrificing your budget. Our wide selection of discounted surgical tools, surgical instruments, or medical supplies and equipment is what any medical professional needs in order to maintain a successful hospital, office or practice. This is why our customers return time and time again; because they have come to expect fine quality from a supplier they can trust.


Whatever your requirements, you can find what you are looking for today in our online inventory.  If you have any questions or need assistance, call us toll-free at 1-877-706-4480. Our staff is ready to assist you. 

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