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Styles of Laser Safety Eyewear

There are many different styles of laser safety eyewear on the market today. Gone are the days when there were only heavy, uncomfortable, one size fits all leaded glasses that were not as protective as once believed. Now, there are literally as many different glasses as there are lasers, which is great news for people who are constantly using these high tech, yet potentially dangerous devices.


The styles of laser safety eyewear out there are really very practical but also designed to suit a variety of uses, face shapes and even personal tastes. Wrap around types of models in laser safety eyewear is very popular and is ideal for both men and women. The frames, which are straight and don't have the ear hook are easy to slip on and off and won't become tangled in masks, head coverings and hair. With a natural spring in the arms they hold to the head without causing any discomfort and they definitely won't slip forward should you need to bend over or look down. The glasses are universal in their size but they do come in an array of colors. The arms and frames can be patterned or solid colors with black, brown and grey or silver very common either in combinations or as a one color tone frame. Red, blue, black, pink and almost any other color imaginable can also be found in this popular style.


Aviator styles of laser safety eyewear offer a larger lens area, perfect for clear vision and maximum eye protection. These glasses can have side shields that help protect the eyes from scatter and reflection.  These styles tend to favor the more traditional look of laser safety eyewear but also have some very modern features. The frames are very lightweight and durable, practical for occasional or regular use as required. These glasses are easy to carry around in a pocket or coat when not in use.


Heavier frames are great for regular use laser safety eyewear. These glasses provide solid protection yet comfortable wear options such as rubber nose pads, very light frames and lead side shields that are molded into the frame itself. These can be found in either safety glasses or goggles, with goggles a great option for those that already wear prescription glasses. Goggles can easily slip over traditional glasses in many cases, but it is always best to try them on together to make sure it is comfortable for short or long term wear.


There are some styles of laser safety eyewear that are highly adjustable. These are typically larger styles of glasses, more like an aviator style but with a heavier, fully frame. These glasses allow the temple bars to move up and down, perfectly fitting each and every user with must a simple adjustment. They tend to have the larger, open lenses for clear, unobstructed vision and the traditional arms that hook behind the ears for maximum security when the glasses are in place. These can also be a good option of laser safety eyewear, worn over prescription glasses. Again, trying them on together is the best way to get a feel for the combination.


MSEC remains dedicated to providing the very best and the very latest in medical supplies and equipment.  We never cease to be on the lookout for the latest innovation that will benefit both our many clients and the patients they dedicate their lives to caring for.  If you have any difficulty finding your choices in our vast inventory, call our customer service at 1-877-706-4480 to speed up your order or to make a special request.  We are always happy to help you.

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