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Styles Of Operating Room Lights & OR Lights For Hospitals

Having the right type of operating room lights or OR lights for use is critically important in any type of surgical theatre and operating room environment. Without the correct lighting there is a greater chance of error or omission, plus it extends the amount of time required to complete a procedure as the staff constantly has to adjust and focus the existing operating room lights and OR lights to the correct position for a clear, bright surface area.  Investing in only high quality operating room lights and OR lights is really both time and cost saving, plus it will ensure better health care for patients and less stress on doctors and staff.


There are several different options when it comes to operating room lights and OR lights for very specific types of procedures. General HDI lighting or fluorescent type of lighting is typically used in ceiling light banks, backed up by various types of LED or halogen bulbs to allow pinpoint focus in the surgery room. These specialized operating room lights can be ceiling mounted with arms, located on tracks or trolleys or mobile type lamps on stands. Depending on the surgical procedure either or all of these options may be ideally suited as OR lights.


The benefit to a ceiling mounted style of operating room lights is that they can be moved up and away when not in use. They are also away from movement on and around the operating table, making it much more practical to access the patient from any required angle or position. OR lights that are also simple to position an stay in place without drifting are essential to keep the light source focused on the specific area being treated. Drift, which is the natural movement of the arm holding the lamp or lamps, can be a real concern as it gradually dims the light on the focal area by just a slight movement in any direction. Arms that drift down over time can also be problematic, especially when positioned in the less than fully extended position.


Rating the OR lights or the operating room lights as to their footcandle power or lux measurement is essential. The higher the footcandle or lux rating the brighter the light, however the color of the light also has to be considered. In general a true white light rather than other colors such as blue or yellow will provide a better visual image for the surgeon and team to work with. This is particularly important in surgical rooms where the doctor and staff will need to be able to discrete even slight variations in tissue color. Yellow or blue lights may make it impossible to easily detect changes in tissue color, while white light will provide true color.


Some surgical operating room lights and OR lights offer options for turning the light source on or off. Many of the track lighting options have switches mounted on the base of the lamp near the arms, while others may have switch plates that are located on the walls. Additional features may include on off switches located right on the positioning handle, making everything all in the same place for easy use.


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