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Surgical Magnifying Loupes

When performing critical operations and taking precise observations, it is necessary to have a surgical magnifying loupe that provides reliable magnification with a great depth of working field, one that comfortably extends the natural accommodation capability of the human eye without discomfort or strain. Medical Supplies & Equipment Company considers these and other necessary criteria when finding equipment that maintain the integrity and fully utilize the technologies of both the medical and dental profession when deciding on our providers of surgical magnifying loupes.  Our precise surgical loupes offer many benefits, mainly better vision. With magnifications up to 3.5X, these loupes provide vision not obtainable with the naked eye. This improved vision allows you to perform most dental procedures, including cosmetic, more effectively. As the general public becomes more aware of this improved treatment, it is just a matter of time before your patients will demand the use of our loupes.


Secondly, our surgical magnifying loupes offer consistent reliability because the optical lenses are water-sealed, which prevents dust and moisture from entering the lens. They also come in a double-hinge, flip-up design, which provides superior optical alignment and ease of transition between magnified and normal vision. With their exceptional, high resolution lenses, superior Field of View, and extraordinarily lightweight composition, this piece of equipment can be the most reliable piece of equipment in any physician or surgeon’s cabinet.  Accuracy, reliability and comfort are three of the benefits of choosing our surgical loupes. Our loupes come in a variety of working distances, which make them available for use by both medical and dental physicians and surgeons. All of our surgical magnifying loupes allow the user to set the intrapupillary convergence and declination angles to provide for perfect optical alignment every use.


Our surgical magnifying loupes come in magnifications of 2.5X, 3.0X, and 3.5X and provide unremarkable visibility with a wide-field magnifying surface that allows for highly corrected optics, which allow the entire mouth to be viewed at once. Along with magnification, all of our surgical magnifying loupes are high resolution lenses, which are the highest grade of glass possible, which provide excellent clarity and accuracy.  Medical Supplies & Equipment surgical magnifying loupes are available with a short working distance of 340 mm (13.4 inches) for precision performance in close proximity surgeries and observations. Choose a regular working distance of 420 mm (16.5 inches) or a long working distance of 500 mm (19.7 inches) for farther proximity surgeries and observations.


Comfort is also an important quality we chose to provide in our surgical magnifying loupes. This is why our lightweight, 100 percent titanium frames are assured to provide long-term comfort when using our surgical loupes. We also give you the option to choose among our three vibrant, metallic colored frames — metallic red, metallic silver or metallic blue. Or, if you prefer, our traditional and discreet black frames are also a wise choice.


Whether it’s accuracy, reliability or comfort, Medical Supplies & Equipment Company has the surgical loupe for your needs. Once you try one pair of our surgical magnifying loupes, we guarantee you will try one pair in all three working distances and feel secure in your all of your forthcoming surgical and observational situations.

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