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Surgical Microscopes

Surgical microscopes constitute one of the most advanced and impressive categories of equipment available through Medical Supplies & Equipment Company.  These incredible devices are carefully selected by our team to deliver only the highest quality in surgical microscope technology.  Each unit comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a number of mounts to accommodate virtually every surgical procedure that requires use of a microscope.  MSEC is proud to showcase our surgical microscopes as some of the finest and most sophisticated tools we deliver to our online medical community. 


For a highly reliable and versatile surgical microscope, MSEC recommends the Revelation Zoom microscope series.  Available in floor model, wall model, and 300W Xenon Illumination model options, this surgical microscope features an inclinable binocular head, adjusts with continuous power zoom and fine focus, and features a foot control panel for hands-free operation.  The Zoom magnifies the subject from 3x-20x using a 250mm lens.  You can adjust the inclinable binocular head anywhere between 0-60 degrees, and you can also make diopter adjustments to the 12.5x viewer.  The pantographic arm provides ease in maneuverability and counterbalances for equal weight distribution and stabilization.  This surgical microscopes houses its own DC power supply for video cameras and employs an orange curing filter to block all light below 500nm.  A dual halogen light source with built-in backup creates an illuminated field of 55mm and enables a precise, accurate viewing field of 9mm-54mm in diameter.   The Revelation Zoom also features a manual power override and surgical microscope accessory options such as binocular head swivel devices, splatter shields to protect the lens, digital camera adapters, and high-resolution video cameras with integrated controls. 


If you are searching today for ENT surgical equipment, perhaps our finest example is the 202/402 ENT Office Surgical microscope available with either floor stand or table mount.  This unit features a 41” extension arm and a manual focusing system with a straight binocular head for precise and accurate magnification.  Providing a durable, dependable key component for ENT surgery, the microscope also features a counterbalanced pantographic arm to stabilize the viewing field and provide smooth movement.  The fiber optic halogen illuminates the operating area with a power supply that houses 2 built-in lamps for quick change if necessary.   This surgical microscope delivers magnifications of 3x, 5x, 8x, and 13x with a 250mm objective working distance lens.  ENT surgeons can choose from a wide variety of accessories to optimize the device with additional optical and recording capability.  Accessories include, but are not limited to, universal digital camera adapters, high-resolution color cameras, and 15-inch LCD monitors that record and visually enhance specific operating areas.  Additional eyepieces ranging from 12.5x-16x are also available, and surgeons can swap out the standard lens with 200mm, 300mm, 350mm, and 400mm equivalents whenever necessary.

Please reference the product specifications on all our surgical microscopes for complete, detailed listings of features and accessories.  Call us with any inquiries, or to place your order, at 1-877-706-4480.  We will be happy to answer all of your questions and to offer you both competitive pricing and maximum value.

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