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Surgical & Operating Scissors

Surgeons know that investing in quality ensures precision and success in operation.  Because we know this too, we make it priority to inventory a wide variety of surgical scissors useful to cutting both tissue and materials alike.  Unlike common scissors, our surgical scissors utilize not one, but two separate jaw movements to open and close the blades with ease and plenty of play.  We offer surgical scissors with specific designs for specialized surgical functions.  We have straight surgical scissors  to make straight cuts, and we have curved scissors for delicate dissections.  Our smaller models enable precision work near the surface of the skin, while doctors working deep within the body will find what they need in our larger models.  The following summary describes a few of our offerings.

We make a concerted effort to keep on hand both  straight surgical scissors for general-purpose uses, such as cutting dressings and suture materials, and curved and angled blades for tissue dissection and excision.  For those who require smaller surgical scissors  for work near the surface of the skin, we carry Deaver and Iris models in sizes ranging from 4" – 5-1/2". Our Deaver models come in straight and curved blades with both sharp/blunt  and sharp/sharp points to accommodate a variety of minor procedures.   If you need dissecting surgical scissors, we have Ragnell thin points that measure 5" in length.   If the situation calls for a blade with an angled edge, we have Iris surgical scissors with sharp/sharp, sharp/blunt, and blunt/blunt points.  We also have Micro Iris scissors available in both straight and curved designs with sharp, extra delicate work.  Iris Scissors – especially those with curved blades- can precisely follow the contours of tissue when performing dissections and tissue excisions.  Many of our medical clients prefer them. 

For physicians who require slightly larger surgical scissors , we have a number of models that range in length from 6 1/2"- 7 3/4".  Our Kelly scissorswith straight, curved, and Angled-surface blades offer exact precision with sharp points.  We also carry Ferguson Abdominal Scissors (7") and Thorek Scissors with fully curved blades (7 " and 8 3/4").  For specialized surgery requiring precisely angled blades, we carry Potts-Smith Surgical Scissors that measure 7 ½" in length with 25°, 45°, 60° angles.  Both gynecologists and obstetricians will be happy to find in our inventory a number of Sims Uterine Surgical Scissors.  These scissors measure 8" and feature both straight and curved blades with sharp/sharp, sharp/blunt, or blunt/blunt designs.  For surgery in deep areas of the body, we carry Willhauer Thoracic surgical scissors (11 ½") in straight and curved blades.  However, no online inventory would be complete without Mayo.  As surgeons know, Mayo-Harrington Surgical Scissors are world famous for both quality and performance.  Our models measure 11" with either straight or curved blades and are made from the very best stainless steel.   

Whatever your requirements, you can find what you are looking for today in our online inventory.  If you have any questions or need assistance, call us toll-free at 1-877-706-4480. Our staff is ready to assist you.

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