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Surgical Retractors

Our online inventory offers a wide variety of handheld retractors and self-retaining surigcal retractors .  We carry a number of well-known lines such as Senn, Volkman, Adson, and Balfour surgical retractors; and we have skin hooks and Tissue surgical retractors manufactured for specific types of operations, pediatrics, and minor procedures.  More and more doctors are coming to us first to find surgical retractors that are dependable, durable, and manufactured with the highest quality in mind.


For minor surgeries and wound treatment we offer skin hooks and tissue retractors with the best stainless steel and the most durable precision points.  Our inventory showcases sizes ranging from the smaller Tyrell Delicate Prong hook (6") to the Large Gillies Skin Hook (7").  Additionally, you will find in our online inventory 6" Kilner models and several 2-pronged Joseph models with 2mm -10mm prongs.  Featured in our selection of tissue retractors are 6 ¼" Senn Miller Retractors with both sharp and blunt points.  We carry a substantial number of skin (trachea) retractors in 1, 2, or 3 -pronged tips.  We also carry 6" flexible surgical retractors, 8" Murphy surgical retractors, and the highly popular- and much sought after- 8-1/2 volkman retractors.  Furthermore, specialists are always pleased when they learn we carry hand held retractors that are specifically engineered to almost every type of surgery.  We routinely provide operating rooms with ribbon pediatric retractors, nerve retractors, and Appendectomy retractors, just to name a few.


Being fully aware that many forms of surgery require more than a hand-held device, we make it a point to populate our online inventory with the highest quality and greatest variety of self-retaining surigcal retractors .  For physicians performing minor surgeries, we carry 2 3/4" and 2-3/4" Alm Minor Surgery Retractors with 4mm and 9mm prongs.  In larger sizes and more complex designs, we have a great many Weitlaner Surgical Retractors that range in size from 4"-9-1/2" long and feature 2×3 or 3×4  prongs with either sharp or blunt tips. We have Gelpi 6-3/4" Perineal Retractors with grip lock in both plain and ball stops design, and we have slightly smaller, Pediatric Retractors with grip lock models 5-1/2" in length.  For those who prefer to stick with the popular mainstays, we offer 7-1/2" Adson Surgical Retractors  with 4×4 teeth and either straight or angeled arms .    Be sure to look as well at all the Balfour Surgical Retractors we offer.  Our Balfour Abdominal Retractors, Improved Model, features Ratchet Bar assembly and two sets of interchangeable blades.  Our Balfour "Baby" Retractors features side blades that are 1-1/8" (3cm) deep with a maximum opening of 3 ¼".  These are only two of the many Balfour models we carry.  You can find more of the same or similar designs by reading through our entire category listing for self-retaining surigcal retractors . 


Our online inventory grows daily with standard, new, and innovative surgical retractors designs.  Visit our online store and see what our selection of lines and features can add to your practice starting today.


Whatever your requirements, you can find what you are looking for today in our online inventory.  If you have any questions or need assistance, call us toll-free at 1-877-706-4480. Our staff is ready to assist you.

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