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Test Tube Racks Make Lab Work Easier

Not having the right equipment in your lab can create trouble for any professional.  A good selection of different options when it comes to equipment such as test tube racks, can really make a huge time and energy saving addition to any facility. Knowing what you want, need and what would make your life simpler is a great place to start.

While test tube rack options may seem a bit limited, you do have a lot of choices. No one test tube rack option is going to be ideal for all types of jobs, so having a few different varieties on hand will allow your laboratory staff to have the choices they need to get the work done accurately and efficiently. One great idea is to consider test tube racks that come in a variety of colors. Bright neon colors are easy to see and great for grouping work by color. Of course colors can also be used to categorize lab work, decreasing the chance for any errors or confusion.


Another consideration is to include a good selection of test tube racks that can be linked or securely attached together to allow you to create just the shape and style of rack needed. Racks that link four ways, on both ends and down the sides, are a lifesaver in the lab as larger samples can be kept together without having to store huge test tube racks when you are working with smaller groups. Simply add or remove as many sections as necessary to create the ideal sized test tube rack for each job.


Stand alone test tube racks are also a great idea, especially for smaller samples or for storing reagents and calibrators that are used frequently in the lab or on a specific instrument or piece of equipment. Often these types of racks are made in a square shape and are very sturdy and stable, providing a secure holder for the materials that are used frequently in the lab. Their sturdy design means they can easily be picked up and moved when necessary without any concerns of the rack being flimsy or difficult to manage.


Test tube racks come in a variety of sizes for test tubes and samples. These can include anything from the larger 30m tubes to the smaller 0.5 mL microtubes. Often test tube racks actually are designed to hold a variety of tube sizes based on how the racks are used. Larger and longer tubes are held when the racks are upright and the small little microtubes are held with the racks flat to the surface of the counter. This versatility means you can have a greater variety of test tube racks in the lab without taking up all your storage space.


Cleaning and disinfecting of the racks is important and they need to be designed to make this necessary chore simple and easy. Many of the polypropylene racks can be run through the autoclave, easily cleaning and sterilizing the equipment as often as needed. Other designs of laboratory test tube racks are easy to disinfect and wash, perfect for busy labs where equipment needs to be both practical and efficient.

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