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The Many Benefits Of A Hospital Treadmill

Using a hospital treadmill, sometimes known as a clinical treadmill, is a great option either for healthcare facilities or private individuals. Treadmills are a proven way to provide low impact, moderate to intense levels of exercise for anyone, right from the comfort of their own home.


Many people prefer the use of a hospital treadmill to getting outdoors and walking. These are several reasons why the hospital treadmill or clinical treadmill may be a better and safer option for a wide variety of individuals. The first and foremost issue is that the hospital treadmill, even the most basic model, will provide constant information to the user, allowing them to customize and manage their workout time and intensity.


Typically most of the hospital treadmill models will allow for setting the speed of the treadmill to match your workout needs. People just getting started on a workout program can set a lower pace, more consistent with a moderate to brisk walk. Those that have more advanced levels of cardiovascular fitness may wish to set a slow to fast jog or even a run as their speed on the treadmill. Another key factor to consider is the option to change the incline of the treadmill. This allows a more intensive workout if the incline is set higher, while a flat position will minimize the cardiovascular intensity. It is the difference between walking uphill and walking on a flat road, uphill is going to be more challenging.


Another consideration as a benefit to a hospital treadmill is that it is really a great way to get your exercise in 24 hours a day. Most people aren't comfortable walking outdoors in the later parts of the evenings, and early mornings may not be the best time for everyone to get out and walk or jog. Having an indoor hospital treadmill provides anytime exercise, regardless of the weather. Individuals living in very hot, cold or wet climates will certainly appreciate this feature.


Treadmills are also designed ergonomically, which means they have features that make using the equipment comfortable and safe for the rest of your body. Handrails along the side are positioned to keep the wrists neutral and prevent the shoulders from tensing and pushing upwards. Adjustable rails can provide support for taller or shorter than average individuals and they can actually be set for different users with a simple pin and slot type of mechanism.


Many of the hospital treadmill models have a great number of additional features that are designed for comfort and safety. Emergency stop buttons that are located on the control panel provide the user with an immediate way to stop the treadmill instantly. There are also clips that can be attached to the individual and the machine that will stop the system if any pressure is placed on the cord. These safety features make using the treadmill very relaxing and positive.


Hospital treadmills are an ideal addition to any healthcare setting, individual clinic, nursing home or even a private residence. Be sure to look around and find a machine that offers all the features that you want and need.


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