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The Many Types of Dental Instruments.

Almost every job is dependent not only on the skill of the person performing the function, but also on the quality of the tools used to perform said skills.  Even the most dedicated woodworker can’t craft beautiful things if he or she lacks the correct chisels and awls.  The same theory stands true for those in the dental field.  Dentists, dental hygienists, and assistants can’t take care of patients without the right dental instruments.  As useful as the modern machines and technologies have become in terms of both medical and dental tools, the basic, old fashioned instruments are still essential for everyday exams and procedures.


The first tool every dentist reaches for when he or she begins an examination is the laryngeal mirror.  It’s pretty hard to correct a dental problem that can’t be seen, so mirrors are vital in diagnosing problems and providing clear sight of the area and teeth to be treated in the procedure process.  Mouth mirrors can be ordered in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Most dentists find it useful to have several mouth mirrors at their disposal as these dental tools allow for seeing every angle fully.  The two main types of dental mouth mirrors are the plane glass and dental magnifying mirrors.  The plane glass variety gives the dental professional an image of the area the same size it actually is.  The magnifying mirror obviously is used to make the affected area’s image larger.  Both are very important in properly examining the patient’s teeth, gums, and palate.


Another kind of dental instrument that has been around for quite some time are dental explorers.  The mouth mirrors help the dental professional locate any problems, and the explorers help him or her find out more about the situation.  The metal tips are typically angled from the handle to allow for greater reach and accessibility in the mouth.  They help the dentist determine the patient’s sensitivity as well.  During dental surgery procedures to correct damaged tooth surfaces, the mouth explorers are essential in finding the margins of dental restoration in order to ensure that the patient has the most secure and well done restoration possible.


No dental tray prepared for the dental exam is complete without cotton pliers either.  While this tool looks intimidating to some patients, cotton pliers or dressing forceps, are crucial tools to proper dental care.  They are typically used to place cotton rolls or pellets in the mouth for absorption of saliva or blood.  These little tweezers looking tools are also very good for placing liquid medication on the teeth or along the gum line as needed.  Cotton pliers are usually designed with the tapered portions at 60 degrees to the handle.  This design ensures the maximum reach for putting dental examination items like rubber dams in place for the patient.  Modern dental instruments have produced better care for today’s dental patients, but it can’t be denied that the tried and true basics have their place as well.  These simple, yet effective tools are important to dental health.

MSEC remains dedicated to providing the very best and the very latest in medical supplies and equipment.  We never cease to be on the lookout for the latest innovation that will benefit both our many clients and the patients they dedicate their lives to caring for.  If you have any difficulty finding your choices in our vast inventory, call our customer service at 1-877-706-4480 to speed up your order or to make a special request.  We are always happy to help you.

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